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Journal of Creation

Volume 37, Issue 2
Published August 2023
127 pages

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3–4 Surprising ecosystem in northeastern Greenland supports biblical Ice Age
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
5 An ape fossil found in South America
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
6–8 Rocks don’t lie—battling worldviews
Perspective by Carl R. Froede, Jr, and A. Jerry Akridge
9–11 Does the human hand have too many bones? Another claim by Nathan Lents proven false
Perspective by Jerry Bergman
12–13 Lowermost mantle becomes more complicated
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
14–16 Carbonyl sulfide–mediated prebiotic formation of peptides: irrelevant for origin of life purposes
Perspective by Royal Truman
17–21 Evolution gone wrong and creation gone right
A review of Evolution Gone Wrong: The curious reasons why our bodies work (or don’t)
(Alex Bezzerides)
Book review by Jerry Bergman
22–25 Fine-tuned fire
A review of Fire-Maker: How humans were designed to harness fire and transform our planet
(Michael Denton)
Book review by Shaun Doyle
26–28 Intentional design documented
A review of Your Designed Body
(Steve Laufmann and Howard Glicksman)
Book Review by Jerry Bergman
29–31 Hunter’s pre-Flood/Flood boundary
Letter from Michael Oard. Reply: Maxwell Hunter
32 Precambrian: Creation Week or Noah’s Flood?
Letter from Stef Heerema. Reply: Maxwell Hunter
33–39 A view on our mental processes versus our physical brain
Viewpoint by Darryl Raymond Sletten
40–46 Is our universe inside a black hole?
Viewpoint by Alex Williams
47–51 Milankovitch evidence: strong despite weaknesses in the 1976 ‘Pacemaker’ paper?
Countering the Critics by Jake Hebert
52–62 “The deeps congealed in the heart of the sea”—linguistic investigation of the Red Sea miracle
Paper by Gavin Cox
63–67 The extreme rarity of long-lived people in the post-Flood era
Paper by Robert Carter
68–71 The passage of light in the universe—absolute or relative motion?
Paper by Clifford Denton
72–82 What’s wrong with being wrong: part 5—a more than cursory look into evolutionary ethics
Paper by Marc Kay
83–95 The design of bacterial flagella: part 1—flagellar design in model organisms
Paper by David Thomas
96–104 Enantiomeric amplification of L amino acids: part 1—irrelevant and discredited examples
Paper by Royal Truman
105–111 Enantiomeric amplification of L amino acids: part 2—chirality induced by D-sugars
Paper by Royal Truman
112–120 Enantiomeric amplification of L amino acids: part 3—using chiral impurities
Paper by Royal Truman and Chril Basel
121–128 Are solar-driven forces sufficient for Hydroplate Theory asteroid origins?
Paper by Edward A. Isaacs