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Journal of Creation Volume 4 Issue 1 Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 4 Issue 1

Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 4, Issue 1
Published April 1990
140 pages

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Pre-Flood giantism
Paper by Greg Beasley
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Cranial capacity and endocranial casts
Paper by Douglas S. Jue
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The early history of man—Part 1
Paper by Bill Cooper
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Sedimentation of a heterogranular mixture
Paper by Guy Berthault
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The mystery of the mammals, monotremes and marsupials
Paper by Bill Mehlert
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The Guadeloupe skeleton controversy
Paper by Kurt Wise
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Guadeloupe research methodology: A reply to Wise
Paper by Bill Cooper
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The Guadeloupe controversy: A second reply to Kurt Wise
Paper by Malcolm Bowden
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The Guadeloupe skeleton controversy: a moratorium
Paper by Andrew Snelling
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Comments on one Creationist's palaeontology
Paper by Kurt Wise
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Comments on one Creationist's palaeontology: A reply
Paper by John Leslie and Andrew Snelling
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Why does mathematics work?
Paper by James Nickel
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Myths that tell the truth
Paper by Charles V. Taylor
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Further towards a critical examination of Setterfield's hypothesis
Paper by Vivian E. Bounds
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Comments on the proposal that the speed of light has varied with time
Paper by John C. Osborn
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On the compatibility of special relativity with a decreasing velocity of light
Paper by B. D. Johnston
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A regression analysis of historical light measurement data
Paper by A. M. Hasofer

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