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Journal of Creation Volume 6 Issue 1 Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 6 Issue 1

Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 6, Issue 1
Published April 1992
96 pages

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Long-age isotope dating short on credibility
Paper by Alexander R. Williams
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Beneficial mutations?
Paper by Jay L. Wile
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A review of the present status of some alleged early hominids
Paper by A. W. Mehlert
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Is the African 'Eve' misconceived?
Paper by Greg J. Beasley
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The early history of man—Part 4
Paper by Bill Cooper
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Some thoughts on the Precambrian fossil record
Paper by Kurt P. Wise
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A question of translation?
Paper by Charles V. Taylor
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C decay and galactic red-shifts
Paper by Russell Humphreys
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Further evidence against the theory of a recent decrease in c
Paper by Maurie Evered
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The velocity of light
Two letters to the Editor
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The early history of man
Letter to the Editor
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Precambrian rocks
Letter to the Editor

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