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Journal of Creation Volume 7 Issue 1 Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 7 Issue 1

Journal of Creation

(Previously called Creation ex nihilo Technical Journal)

Volume 7, Issue 1
Published April 1993
106 pages

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Moon dust and the age of the solar system
Paper by Andrew A. Snelling and David E. Rush
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Long-lived trees
Paper by Greg J. Beasley
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Evolution: the blind watchmaker?
Paper by Bruce Watts
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A brief history of the theory of spontaneous generation
Paper by Jerry Bergman
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Panspermia—the theory that life came from outer space
Paper by Jerry Bergman
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A time-independent measurement of the speed of light
Paper by Jay L. Wile
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The recent decrease in the velocity of light—what decrease?
Paper by Maurie G. Evered
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Early history of man
Letter to the Editor
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The speed of light
Letter to the Editor
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Creationist geology
Letter to the Editor