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Journal of Creation

Journal of Creation

From the Editor

Dr Pierre Gunnar Jerlström

Our aim for Journal of Creation is to inform and stimulate Christians with in-depth research and discussion on issues of biblical authority. We want to provide you with the latest scientific research and commentary that you can use in your professional work and in your personal life. It is our hope that you will be strengthened in your confidence and commitment to the truth and authority of the Word of God.
Dr. Pierre Gunnar Jerlström

Widely regarded as the world’s premiere peer-reviewed creation-science journal

Journal Feedback

Unsolicited reviews from our subscribers.

I am very impressed with the Journal of Creation. I had no idea that your publication even existed until I stumbled upon it while conducting a search to find new material written by Peer Terborg. May God bless your publication, and everyone who contributes to it!

Joel S, USA

I was awestruck by the article on the complexity of DNA by Alex Williams, in the Journal. I am not particularly intellectual, and regularly find papers above my head, but I did have a beginning of an understanding about molecular machines from Behe’s description of the transcription of RNA, like a tape recorder head. I have had a very hard struggle over the years to see that God made everything, having had a dysfunctional upbringing which shut me down, but I thank Him that I am gradually beginning to see more of His handiwork, and the amazing level of programming and complexity blew me away.

Philip D, UK

Greetings. I receive the Journal of Creation and need to refer to the review by Lael Weinberger of Francis Collins’ book, The Language of God. I am on a Board at [name removed] and I am being asked to respond to students, who find his view too compromising, yet it seems to be the view of a lot of faculty. As a Biblical Creationist, I can find all kinds of errors in Dr. Collin’s reasoning, primarily because he assumes the antecedent to be true and sees all data through that grid. In any event, I cannot find my copy of this journal anywhere and wonder if those pages from volume 21(1), pages 33–37 can be faxed to me or if they could be sent as a PDF to my e-mail.

Arthur N, USA

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for expanding your web access to the Journal of Creation. I have been a subscriber to this journal since 2001 and I think its probably the best resource around for high quality information that defends a traditional view of scripture. I look forward to every issue. I am also looking forward to seeing some of those older articles that I missed and have not been available online as of yet.

Jonathon H, USA

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have made many Journal of Creation articles available on the net!!!

I have been vigorously debating creation/evolution online for over a year now, and I regularly use the articles that are on this website. But it gets quite wearisome that I can’t share with people a lot of the important technical information that the Journal of Creation provides. The internet is so full of erroneous evolutionary dogma that you can almost excuse people for swallowing the lies whole, almost! But now the addition of previously unavailable articles changes everything, evolutionists now have even less reason to doubt the explanatory power of creationism and the authority of Gods word.

Tim P, Australia

I have just completed reading Volume 21(2) of Journal of Creation and feel compelled to write briefly to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated it. It has provided my breakfast, coffee break, lunch, dinner and bedtime reading for over a week since it arrived. I don’t recall a more varied, thought-provoking, useful, entertaining and God-honouring edition for some time. So thank you and congratulations to all contributors and the organisation as a whole in inspiring such scholarship.

Tony B, New Zealand

This cutting-edge periodical will help you:

  • Clarify and help develop your personal worldview.
  • Answer your questions about science and faith.
  • Stay ahead with the latest creationist research.
  • Make connections across scientific disciplines.
  • Defend the accuracy of biblical history.
  • Develop your scientific knowledge and expertise.

… and much more.

Published three times a year and posted directly to you, each issue of the Journal has more than 120 information packed pages.

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The Genesis Debate

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Retaking the Ground

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Would you like to have a fresh new look at the world?

If you are tired of having your information dished up from the same old evolutionary perspective, Journal of Creation will give you the latest scientific research from the leading international creation researchers. You will learn why they view the world the way they do, and how the evidence can be interpreted within a biblical framework. It can be a radical mind transforming experience!

Journal of Creation

There is something in Journal of Creation for everyone:

  • Perspectives give you the latest news from a creative angle.
  • Overviews let you catch up on years of creationist research, quickly.
  • Book Reviews tell it like it is—the good and the bad—so you are informed.
  • Countering the Critics answers curly challenges for the biblical worldview.
  • Essays give you a different angle and insights into various subjects.
  • Viewpoints toss new ideas into the melting pot to challenge our conventional views.
  • Papers report on the latest creation research—for the serious and the interested.
  • Letters let you see what other creationists think.

Journal of Creation has been published internationally since 1984 and has a long pedigree. Scores of scientists from around the world regularly contribute to its glossy 120 pages of information.

Can you afford to be without it?

If you want to stay ahead of the pack, then Journal of Creation is a great publication to boost your in-depth knowledge of the creation-evolution issue.

Our periodical bring you issues such as:

  • The biblical Flood and its record in geology.
  • Evidence for creation through intelligent design.
  • Download pdf
  • Problems for evolution that you won’t hear about through other means.
  • Fossils and how they don’t support evolutionary ideas.
  • Culture and how it’s understood through Babel.
  • Languages and how they are related.
  • The history and philosophy of science, and how they changed.
  • Bacteria and the effects of mutations on resistance and disease.
  • Radioactive dating and why it is presented the way it is.
  • JJ
  • And lots more …

Who Should Read Journal of Creation?

You should read Journal of Creation if you have had a high school education and are serious about understanding the big issues of life. In particular, you should read Journal of Creation if you are:

  • A parent, so you can help your kids and grandkids.
  • A teacher, so you give your students a proper education.
  • A pastor, so you can answer the questions of your congregation.
  • A youth leader, so you can guide your young people.
  • A researcher, so you can contribute to creationist thinking.
  • A politician, so you can develop sound policies.
  • A theologian, so you can understand issues of science and faith.
  • Product details


    Journal of Creation has a broad scope:

    • Creation
    • Evolution
    • Philosophy of science
    • Astronomy
    • Geology
    • Geomorphology
    • Geochronology
    • Paleontology
    • Archaeology
    • Biology
  • A librarian, so you can provide the latest, reliable information.
  • A new Christian, so you can get a strong foundation.
  • An agnostic, so you can make an informed decision.
  • A student, so you can understand your course and do your assignments.
  • An atheist, so you can know what creationists are thinking now, not what they said 50 years ago.

No-risk Money-back Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy receiving your Journal and so we’re happy for you to try it risk-free for 30 days. If you purchase a subscription to Journal of Creation and, if after receiving your first issue you don’t think it’s everything you wanted, we would like you to have your money back.

Simply contact us and we will see to it that you get a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price minus shipping and handling.

What could be fairer than this?



Our top priority is to ensure that you get your shipped order as quickly as possible and in good condition. All orders outside of Australia, including the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore are shipped by international Air Mail. Orders within Australia are sent using Australia Post.

Our promise to you … Order direct from and receive:

  • The very latest edition of Journal of Creation
  • Latest news about creation and evolution.
  • Fast free shipping world-wide
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

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The Genesis Debate

FREE DVD with each 2-year subscription. The Genesis Debate between CMI Managing Director, Carl Wieland, and Paleontologist TV presenter Paul Willis. Get both sides of the issue and see how the arguments of skeptics are presented and answered before a packed live audience.

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Retaking the Ground
Retaking the Ground back cover

Free with each 3-year subscription. Four compelling presentations by Dr Tas Walker and Dr Jonathan Sarfati that give straightforward answers to some of today’s most-asked questions about creation, evolution, science and the Bible. See the sweep of history from Genesis to Revelation and how the Bible’s big picture can empower your life.

  • DVD 1: The Power of the Bible’s Big Picture—clarifying our thinking. 1 hour.
  • DVD 2: Leaving Your Brains at the Church Door—becoming a complete person. 40 mins.
  • DVD 3: Fossils, Noah’s Flood and the Age of the Earth—transforming your world. 57 mins.
  • DVD 4: Answers for Action—how it works out in practice. 48 mins.
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The Genesis Debate

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Retaking the Ground

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