Julie Neller


Julie holds a Bachelor of Science and an Honours degree in plant ecology.

After completing her degrees Julie became a Project Officer for a university research institute that focused on environmental science and sustainability. She was responsible for supporting an international team of scientists with research logistics, grant applications, government negotiations and she organised research conferences. Julie further managed two remote research and education facilities on Fraser Island, Australia. This included liaising with local, state and federal government agencies and developing management plans, as well as co-ordinating research and teaching teams.

After leaving the research institute Julie joined various research teams on projects involving pest management, wildlife ecology, and soil formation. She also presented research papers to national scientific conferences on both plant and landscape ecology.

Julie had a secular upbringing and was a self-described ‘ardent atheist and evolutionist’ up until her mid 20’s. It was at this time she met a professor of science who believed in God and she started to question her worldview. After reading the Bible and attending a church service she gave her life to Christ.

Julie is now employed as a Laboratory Technician at a Christian College where she also contributes to Christian Studies classes.


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