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Creation 19(4):5, September 1997

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Letters to the editor

Alien amazement

I am a 15-year-old boy. My Dad subscribes to Creation magazine, and I enjoy reading it.

It amazes me that people today will believe in aliens when they have no reason to believe in their existence, but they say that they can’t believe in God because they can’t see Him! There is a lot of evidence that God exists, but no evidence that aliens exist. They believe in aliens and not in God because they have been fed on evolutionary bias.

Keep up the good work! Your ministry is having effect! I know of a man here who became a Christian after subscribing to Creation magazine.

Samuel Enderby,
Queensland, Australia.

Evolutionary religion

For years, evolutionists have claimed to be objective scientists whose scientific knowledge is not affected by religion, but recently, they have created a religious symbol of their own. It consists of the Christian ‘fish’ with legs, and instead of the word ‘Jesus’, it contains the word ‘Darwin’. I, personally, am sickened by this perversion of the symbol that stands for Christianity, but am at the same time thankful that evolutionists are finally recognizing the fact that their ‘science’ is actually religion. The main thing that characterizes a religion is faith, something very prevalent in evolutionary circles.

Shawn Reeves,
South Carolina, USA.

Be effective

As a new Christian, many things ‘just didn’t add up’ for me thanks to an evolutionary education. Through someone who read Creation magazine and later, Answers in Genesis, all my doubts were ‘answered by Genesis’. Now, when Christians say they’re not interested in Creation Science, I try to get them interested. If you know someone who doesn’t understand or even know about the creation/evolution issue—tell them!

Many reject God and His Gospel—why? Because with ‘all that evidence’ for evolution Christians must be crazy, God not real and the Bible just a collection of bedtime stories! My point is: I believe a Christian who does not understand the creation/evolution issue will be largely ineffective in bringing souls to Christ and may be missing a deep-founded personal faith as well. So spread it around!

Allan Beeton,
NSW, Australia.

Fluid Dogma

The articles on the ‘Red-blooded evidence’ against our evolving from the ocean, and the ‘Fantastic [Fascinating] cuttlefish’ in the March 1997 issue were of particular interest to me because I teach, along with my wife, Jennifer, an invertebrate structure and function course for university students. The text1 we use is an excellent source of information,but ‘preaches’ evolution.

In one chapter, the means by which a cuttlefish produces a gas–filled cuttlebone is explained. Amazingly, gas is not pumped into the bone, but fluid is pumped out using an ingenious ‘osmotic’ or diffusion pump. To believe that such a device appeared by chance is another wonder of the way evolutionists reason. In this same chapter, the authors agree there is no evidence to prove Macallum’s evolutionary theory that life began in the sea. They note ‘there are appreciable differences between the body fluids and sea water’ and ‘palaeochemical research has since shown that early oceans did not differ appreciably in composition from present-day ones’. They deal with this contrary evidence by ignoring it, which confirms for me that an evolutionist first needs to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour before he/she is able to see the fallacies of the evolutionary way of thinking.

Gary Chiang, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.,
Ontario, Canada.

  1. R.S.K. Barnes, P. Calow and P.J.W. Olive, The Invertebrates: a new synthesis, 2nd edition, Blackwell Science Ltd., Oxford, England, 1993.

Dino art

Why are evolutionists so afraid of these ‘Messages on stone’ written about in your latest edition? They have convinced millions of people that something as complicated as a living, breathing dinosaur can evolve from nothing. Why should it be so difficult to explain that the simple two–dimensional scaled down drawing of a dinosaur could have evolved also? If the universe needs no intelligent designer (God) why should a simple picture require an intelligent designer (man)?

Denise Busenitz,
Kansas, USA.