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Life in the Great Ice Age

Life in the Great Ice Age
by Michael and Beverly Oard

Lesson 3: Chapter 2


Life in the Great Ice Age


Pages 16-27


  • Galatians 5:22-23
  • Ephesians 6:1

Vocabulary Words:

  • ‘A moon’ – (time period that the moon cycles from new to full)
  • flint
  • lethal weapon
  • bruin


  1. Describe what the Beetle-Brow people looked like.
  2. Jabeth was excited to learn that the Beetle-Brows would be staying for ‘at least a moon.’  What is ‘a moon’?
  3. In short sentences, name and describe two of the games the boys from both tribes played.
  4. Write a short paragraph describing why Grandfather thinks the Beetle-Brow clan looked different from the neighboring tribes.
  5. In a short descriptive paragraph, describe how the tribes prepared for the hunt.
  6. How did the hunters get the bear out of the cave?  Three instruments were used to kill the bear.  What were they?
  7. How did the tribes celebrate the hunt?  What events do we celebrate today?  How are they celebrated?  How are they the same or different from this celebration?
  8. In a brief paragraph, describe the tribe members prepared the hide and meat?  How do we prepare foods today for storage?
  9. What is one of the lessons Jabeth learned about the Beetle-Brows and his friendship with the children of that tribe?


  1. Two games are mentioned in this story, which you might enjoy playing. The ‘crack the egg’ game is similar to field hockey, with a much smaller goal.
  2. Find out about bears—. See Bears across the world.
  3. Research the methods used in taxidermy today.  How similar/different are those methods to the preservation methods discussed in the story?

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