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Life in the Great Ice Age

Life in the Great Ice Age
by Michael and Beverly Oard

Lesson 4: Chapter 3


Life in the Great Ice Age


Pages 28-30 (Chapter 3)


  • Genesis 11: 1-8

Vocabulary Words:

  • confusion
  • volcano


  1. How did Jabeth know that the warm season was nearly over?
  2. In your own words, retell Grandfather’s account of how Jabeth’s tribe came to ‘live in such a cold place’.
  3. How did God prevent people from continuing their evil ways?
  4. What do we call a mountain that ‘spits out fire and smoke’?
  5. Name at least three things that Jabeth’s family needed to learn in order to survive as they moved north.


  1. Make a language comparison. To get started, see Towering Change.  A good dictionary will give a clue on where most English words originate (e.g. from Latin, German, or French). Get a book on linguistics from the library to investigate this topic more thoroughly.

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