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Life in the Great Ice Age

Life in the Great Ice Age
by Michael and Beverly Oard

Lesson 5: Chapter 4


Life in the Great Ice Age


Pages 32-39 (Chapter 4)


Vocabulary Words:

  • woolly mammoth
  • bogs
  • firebreak
  • ocher


  1. How did the families prepare for winter?
  2. What was Jabeth’s idea on how to round up the mammoths?
  3. What were the drawbacks of Jabeth’s idea? What were the benefits?
  4. List two reasons why the men drew pictures on the cave walls.
  5. What did the ‘artists’ use for paintbrushes?
  6. The tribe used all parts of the mammoths that they hunted and killed.  How did they use the bones?  The tusks?  The skins?


  1. Gather materials similar to the ones Soren used for paintbrushes in this chapter and use them to ‘draw’ a picture.  Food coloring mixed with water can be used for ‘paint.’  What other types of ‘paint’ could you use?
  2. Write a paper discussing the various ways rocks have been made into tools, addressing which rock types can be used and how, the process of ‘melting down’ rocks, the temperatures needed to do so, etc.

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