Looking forward to the eradication of Christianity

Why are you so adamant in your opposition to secular humanism? Is it because you realize that you christians have lost the so-called “culture war” and that christianity is on the way out as the primary cultural influence in the West? The eradication of Christianity in educated circles is one of the most positive cultural trends of the past few centuries; once freed from the smothering grip of christian morality, the arts and sciences flourished. I eagerly await the day that christianity is eliminated from the face of the earth. Then perhaps we will be free from the sort of drivel you publish on this website.

— A.L., Nashville TN (USA)

Ed. note: Is he serious? Science first flourished in the culture of Christian Europe, because of the belief in an orderly Creator who had made the universe and given mankind dominion over creation. See how most of the founders of modern science were creationists. And as for the arts, has the critic never seen the wonderful paintings and sculptures inspired by Christian themes, by artists such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt, or heard the majestic music of Vivaldi and Bach, or Handel’s Messiah, to name but a few?

Conversely, how can art or science be logically deduced from the secular humanist credo ‘God does not exist’? And we can certainly imagine that Christian morality, e.g. ‘do not murder’, ‘do not steal’, etc. is ‘smothering’ to murderers and thieves, but most people would be grateful for it! Just remember the brutality in countries which did try to abolish Christianity as AL desires, e.g. the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Albania, Cuba, etc.

Published: 1 February 2006