Martin Ricquebourg


Martin was born in Zimbabwe, but now lives in Perth, Australia. He is married to Ruth and has 3 kids: Sophie, Jemma and Abigail. Martin graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Computer & Electrical Engineering (B.Sc.). He then spent the next 8 years studying at the Bible Institute of South Africa where he eventually earned a Masters in Theology. During that time he spent two years theologically and philosophically evaluating the life and legacy of Charles Darwin. He went on to serve as the Academic Dean of Harare Theological College from 2012 till 2020. Martin is currently working part-time as a Pastoral Assistant at a Presbyterian Church in Perth. He is also enrolled in a Ph.D. through North-West University (South Africa) to explore how various popular interpretations of Genesis 1–11 have originated.


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