Matt Bondy

COO/Speaker, CMI-Canada

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Picture of Matt Bondy


Matt grew up in a Christian family of 11 and spent “all of his life in church” as a pastor’s kid, without any exposure to apologetics. While studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, Matt became increasingly frustrated with his mediocre defense of his faith before atheistic peers and professors, but it wasn’t until he graduated that Matt started managing the bookstore for his church and began studying apologetics.

Matt began his career in information technology, working with Chrysler, IBM, and Xerox, and eventually started an e-commerce software company which he operated for 20 years prior to joining CMI Canada as the COO (Chief Operating Officer). Along with his honours degree in Computer Science, Matt has a degree in Education which he was able to draw upon to create an in-depth 10-week small group course about creation, evolution, and science. Matt’s talks incorporate material from this small group course that he hosted in his church for several years, and are presented in ways that are engaging and easy to understand. Matt enjoys playing sports and spending time with his family.

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