Michael Cook

Speaker, CMI-New Zealand

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Picture of Michael Cook


Born in England, Michael moved with his family to New Zealand as a child. He grew up in an encouraging Christian home; however, at church, was taught the gap theory with its associated ‘deep time’. During high school, a respected geography teacher presented strongly atheistic evolution in a convincing way. Growing doubts about creation, Genesis, and therefore the accuracy of the Bible put his spiritual growth on hold. This changed dramatically in 1993 with a compelling biblical creation presentation in his church. Michael subscribed to Creation magazine and avidly consumed resources on creation and apologetics. Over the years, this has revolutionised his relationship with God the Creator and appreciation for the absolute trustworthiness of His Word.

Michael has always been fascinated by technology and what makes things work. His professional training is in electronics and he has worked for over thirty years as an electronics engineer and designer. In 1989, Michael stepped into the business world, founding an electronic/software design firm, for which he still works, although it now has an international parent company. As technical director, he was responsible for the design of leading-edge electronic hardware and software systems used in a wide range of applications with a particular focus on environmental monitoring. Through this he has gained broad experience in the earth and biological sciences, with the company’s systems installed internationally, primarily in government environmental agencies.

In 2014, Michael and his wife, Desma, undertook an extensive overseas trip targeting major geological icons such as Mount St. Helens, Giant’s Causeway and Siccar Point. This included nine days rafting and hiking in the Grand Canyon—an experience Michael describes as transformational—as part of an in-depth geology trip with Canyon Ministries.

Michael is a founding member of the Hamilton Friends of CMI group established in 1999 and is currently its leader/co-ordinator. Michael speaks for Creation Ministries International on a part-time basis.

Michael and Desma have two adult children and one grandson.


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