Building Fund Completed!

The building from a front view. There are 1200 s.m. on both levels, plus the underground carparking and warehousing. We occupy 1000 s.m. of this, and lease out the other 200 s.m. which will be available in years to come for the ministry’s future expansion needs. Meantime, it helps us pay the extra costs of power, rates, etc. associated with these much larger ministry headquarters.

Well, it’s happened, and we’re so grateful. In the last two weeks, with more than $100,000 still to raise, large numbers of you responded incredibly and positively to a special letter from Dr Carl Wieland, our Managing Director. The resultant surge in the fund has meant that we have now closed it, and in fact are writing (have written) to a number of supporters explaining that we now have the wonderful problem of some ‘overshoot’, with their donation part of that, giving the option of a refund or permission to use it for other important purposes.

It seems mindblowing that
a) we only had to ask for less than ¼ of this amazing, purpose-built HQ building.
b) the $981,000 was donated in around 17 months—a ministry record far exceeding our expectations (the last building fund took some three years, and was for around half that amount).


The main core of the office is abuzz with many new people in IT, graphics and similar tasks. Australia is now effectively the ‘head office’ for five international sister ministries and has the new responsibilities of operating a website and e-commerce for them as well as our own.

We thought we would show you some recent photos of the building (your building, too, as you are part of the ministry) inside and out (following). Buildings are just ‘dead bricks and mortar’ in one way, but the real blessing for us is the Lord’s incredible timing.

Because without the extra room for all the recent extra staff, we don’t know how we would have been able to manage.

This refers to all the extra tasks we now have the privilege and responsibility of performing here on behalf of the other affiliated global CMI offices.

This includes not just website maintenance for six ‘separate’ websites, but also the associated webstores. This ‘global cooperation’ increases the efficiency of operations for all offices. Please check out the pictures and captions of what you have helped to obtain, something which will benefit global outreach for many years to come.

Thank you once again to all who helped so wonderfully!

Geologist Tas Walker in his new office.
Chris Leota, who keeps the production of Creation magazine on track.
Ben Suter, DVD producer, working on audiovisual editing and production.

The front reception/bookstore area
The library/AV room, which we also use for staff meetings, has a soundproof control room and recording studio just beside it. That still needs some high-level equipment.
A rear view of the building. There are 44 car spaces + 8 for the tenant, with some of them below ground.
The ministry coordination area, normally staffed by four people. This is where contact is first made with churches to have ministry. Some 550–600 engagements take place in Australia alone per year.

An inside view of the warehouse where the bulk books and magazines are kept. The demand for quality creation materials keeps increasing, praise the Lord.
Published: 20 February 2006