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New York State introduces Molech-honouring law legalizing abortions up to birth


Published: 5 February 2019 (GMT+10)

In ancient Canaan, the inhabitants of the land had a particularly horrific practice of worshiping a false god named Molech by burning their infant children alive. Sacrificing a precious child was supposed to ensure this god’s favor. When God brought the Israelites into the Promised Land, He specifically told them not to participate in this murderous ritual:

The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Say to the people of Israel, Any one of the people of Israel or of the strangers who sojourn in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech shall surely be put to death. The people of the land shall stone him with stones. I myself will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among his people, because he has given one of his children to Molech, to make my sanctuary unclean and to profane my holy name. And if the people of the land do at all close their eyes to that man when he gives one of his children to Molech, and do not put him to death, then I will set my face against that man and against his clan and will cut them off from among their people, him and all who follow him in whoring after Molech” (Leviticus 20:1–5).

Israel failed to follow this command, and the prophet Jeremiah proclaimed God’s judgment against Israel for their sin:

They built the high places of Baal in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to offer up their sons and daughters to Molech, though I did not command them, nor did it enter into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin (Jeremiah 32:35).

In Scripture, God seems to reserve special anger for idolatrous worship practices that destroy innocent infant life. The unnatural act of a parent sacrificing the helpless baby for something deemed more valuable is so abhorrent that in ancient Israel, anyone caught doing it was supposed to have received the death penalty without mercy.

Modern day Molech worship

Today, there is a growing trend of not just being reluctantly pro-choice—characterized by the wish for abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare”—but actively pro-abortion, celebrating the right of a woman to murder her child for any reason and at any stage of the pregnancy. People who object to a child being poisoned, burned with saline, or dismembered in the womb are said to be “anti-choice”, opponents of women’s health care, and religious fundamentalists.

New York has recently rushed legislation through that makes it legal to abort a child at any point in the pregnancy, for any reason, up to birth, changing the previous law that banned abortion after 24 weeks, when a child is considered viable outside the womb. This is a far more radical policy than exists at most places in the world. At a time when state-of-the-art medical care makes the survival of ‘micro-preemies’ more and more common, with fewer lasting effects or disabilities, in New York it is legal to abort a child that could exist outside the womb.

Late term abortion is not better for a woman’s health

Given that a child can routinely survive as early as 22 weeks into the pregnancy, and late-term abortion is very risky and hard on the mother’s body (though not as damaging as it is to the baby’s), if ending a pregnancy in the third trimester is done for a medical reason, by far the fastest and safest option for the mother is delivering the baby prematurely. This also means that the baby is preserved alive.

But abortion requires the baby to be killed inside the mother’s body. This is most often done by injecting the child with poison into his abdomen or head, causing a very painful death. Then the woman must deliver her dead baby, either in a hospital, or often into the toilet at home. Think of the horrific irony that a state that has banned lethal injection of criminals has allowed the lethal injection of unborn babies.

Abortion is never a safe ‘procedure’ for the mother in that even first-trimester abortions can have negative effects. But it becomes more and more medically risky as the pregnancy goes on. And it is difficult to see how someone who cares about the mother’s health would recommend going through labor to deliver a dead child after having him or her killed via lethal injection, rather than safely delivering a live baby, who could then be adopted by parents, if the birth mother feels unable or unwilling to raise the baby.

Late term abortion law threatens women’s safety

Pregnant women are often targets of violence, particularly of men in their lives who do not respect their choice to carry a child the man wants her to kill. Many states have laws that recognize the unique evil of violence against a pregnant woman to kill her wanted child—if a pregnant woman is killed, the perpetrator can be charged with two murders. If violence results in her baby dying, the perpetrator can be charged with murder.

New York’s new law removes protections for pregnant women who are victims of domestic or other violence. A case in point is the sad story of Livia Abreu, who was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend and left for dead. She survived, but she lost her unborn daughter. Because of New York’s new law, the ex-boyfriend may face a significantly lighter prison sentence, because the state will no longer recognize the murder of her daughter as a separate crime.1

Don’t buy the hype: abortion is not women’s health care

Women do face some unique health care needs because of our sex-specific biology, just like men have some unique needs because of theirs. Women’s reproductive health is also an important concern, and preserving access to genuine health care should be something everyone can agree about. But the question is: does abortion fall under the category of women’s health care?

First, there is no instance in which abortion is the best treatment to preserve a woman’s physical or mental health.2 In fact, abortion at all stages of pregnancy is dangerous for a woman’s physical and mental health.

When an abortion advocate talks about women’s health care, challenge them as to what they mean by this. Do they mean that we need further research to explore the ways in which women respond to medication differently than men? Do they mean that we need to challenge the assumptions some doctors make that mean they may sometimes treat women’s pain less seriously than men’s? Do they mean we need to make sure women receive affordable prenatal screenings, meaning that women do not face purely economic pressure to abort their children? Do they mean we need to investigate why black women in America face perinatal complications at a much higher rate than other populations?

In fact, they mean none of that. They mean only that abortion should be made as available as possible to anyone who wants one for any reason, disregarding the most common-sense restrictions based on parental consent for their underage daughters, informed consent including the option to see an ultrasound of the baby, counseling with a waiting period, and ability of the baby to survive outside the womb. This seems less like a policy based on concern for women, and more like fanatical baby slaughtering.

Legislation is not going to solve the problem—but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to legislate

For decades, political conservatives have been trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, the decision that overturned state-level laws outlawing abortion. But nominating conservative judges to the bench has not yet reversed that horrific 1973 decision. Fighting the legislative battle at the state level to chip away at this abomination, though achieving some incremental gains, is also not likely to remedy the problem without an accompanying heart-change on the part of the American people.

In ancient Rome, it was common practice to expose unwanted babies—leaving them to die from the elements or wild animals. One letter from a Roman man to his pregnant wife explicitly told her that if their baby was a boy, she was to let it live; but if it was a girl, she was to expose it. This was an accepted and celebrated part of their culture.

But as Christianity spread, there was immediate opposition to this practice. Converts to Christianity recognized that the murder of infants was antithetical to their profession of faith in Christ, and they even went as far as to adopt children they found exposed—even though this was illegal. Their care and concern for the weakest and most vulnerable distinguished them, and eventually led to transforming the culture’s view of the value of infant life.

Just like the early Christians were willing to face sanctions and ridicule for the value they placed on ‘worthless’ infants, today one of the clearest contrasts we can make with the culture is to vocally oppose the slaughter of infants.

Every Christian should be pro-life

We should be very careful about what we demand that every Christian believe. We cannot add to Scripture and require things that God does not require. However, the prohibition on murder, and the special emphasis on the abomination of child murder, means that we can include being pro-life and anti-abortion as a requirement for all Christians. Some Christians are not yet pro-life because they are immature, they have not yet learned about this issue, or for other reasons—just like the Trinity is a required Christian belief that some Christians do not yet understand correctly, and we make allowances for this. But no Christian can reject pro-life teaching and remain consistent.

Likely some will think this is too harsh, or unloving to women who may be in hard circumstances. While acknowledging women may face hard circumstances, we must also have compassion for the helpless child who is the victim of abortion. At the same time, we should confidently proclaim the Gospel of God’s grace to all people, including women who have had abortions.

References and notes

  1. nysenate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/sue-serino/serino-pushes-passage-legislation-protect-domestic-violence Return to text.
  2. The removal of a pregnancy outside the uterus (an ectopic pregnancy) to save the woman’s life is not an abortion. Return to text.

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Readers’ comments

Douglas R.
Lisa, I would never trust a pro-abortion source saying 24% of women have had abortions. I do not believe it. They also have an agenda to support that says abortion is very common among all women. I do not believe it is common. I have read many times how certain women have multiple abortions. Changing my figures to each woman having 2 abortions and not factoring in deaths or girl children, the number is still only around 18%.
Lita Cosner
I don't 'trust' the pro-abortion source, and I expressed skepticism about how they interpret the numbers.
Michael M.
I do believe in my spirit, that God will pour out His judgement on the United states of america, because of this blatant satanic practice. Pray for these children being sacrificed to the rulers of the world and pray that the men and women partaking in this evil slaughter of the innocents, turn from their wicked ways.
Helen S.
My anti-abortion friend believes that The Pill is in fact an abortion method. Can you please explain this?
Lita Cosner
Most contraceptive pills are meant to act in ways that prevent the fertilization of the egg. But if an egg is fertilized (i.e. a new human being is created), some think that contraceptive pills may inhibit the baby from implanting in the uterine lining, meaning that it would cause a very early type of abortion. I'm not a doctor and I'm not sure which of any of the contraceptive pills actually do work this way. Although there are enough stories of women becoming pregnant on contraceptive pills to prove that it does not always prevent the pregnancy from proceeding.
John P.
As Jesus says , it would be better for these abortionists to have a millstone hung around their necks and be turfed into the sea than to harm his little ones and meet him later in an unrepentant state. We must all have a passion for saving the lost and prodigals. The thief on the cross next to Jesus was saved at the last moment. If these baby killers do not repent they will bring God's judgement on themselves and will be regretting their actions for eternity which is not something to look forward to.As an aside, the Church Age can't go for much longer the way this Western civilization is headed. Either way, the Revelation prophesies begin or the west descends into barbarism within the next generation and self destructs.
Gina B.
I can't say I understand what it's like to be in that position where you feel like you're only option is to have an abortion, but I understand why that thought process can exist. Does it make it right for a woman to knowingly and willingly let her unborn child be killed before it even comes forth into the real world? Absolutely not. I believe that no matter what situation you're in, there is always a better answer. Everything happens for a reason and God always has a divine plan for each and every one of us. To kill an innocent child because of the sins of others is the same as when Jesus, an innocent person, was crucified and killed because of our sins. That makes those who choose abortion as their solution no better than those who crucified Him. "Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward" (Psalm 127:3). Even in situations where the child may be unwanted by the mother, that child is a gift from God sent to this earth with a purpose. Even through the hard times God paves ways for us. "Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful" (Luke 6:36).
Dean W.
Here are some exceptionally good resources surrounding this horrendous evil. I hope I can post links on here. There are excellent resources from biblical archaeology but put together at a very accessible level on child sacrifice in the ancient near east.. From the biblical archaeology website, google the title Winter 2012 Bible and Spade: Child Sacrifice and Abortion. They have this as part of a 4 part combo for a low price. Google the title Canaanite Child Sacrifice, Abortion, and the Bible by Henry B Smith. It is an in depth examination of child sacrifice and abortion.From Baptist Bible College 2018. Also, I highly recommend these links are to the late Keith Green's widow's ministry. He became very concerned about abortion before he was killed in an airplane. This series is called, "Contract on Our Children." The website is last days ministries and the articles are written by Winkie Pratney. Compelling. Also, for one last read (warning a victim image is contained) google "Abortion is child sacrifice by gregg cunningham"
James K.
We may not agree on everything Lita, but boy, this one we do agree on completely.
Paul F.
i think we should encourage full term birth in the case of rape as well. We need to be very compassionate to the mother and gather around her to support her. Remember, this child is an innocent as well and should receive the same value for his or her life. If the mother would choose to allow it to be adopted that would be acceptable, but what I would think the mother would likely love the child in spite of the circumstances of its beginning.
David B.
I'm curious about offering children to Molech. Is there hard evidence this practice entailed live babies, or had they die and were cremated to Molech? Scripturally both are abhorrent to God (although, obviously burning live babies more so). I know there is archaeological evidence babies were burned, but for memory were boy babies, but nothing to suggest they were alive at the time. The Bible seems inconclusive about this practice.
Lita Cosner
Evidence indicates that they were burned alive at least part of the time.
Daz I.
Where is the uproar? Why aren't the church leaders doing something, start contacting all the Christians believers to start praying, boycott New York, call all these demonic politicians, where are we? Are we sharing videos that talk about this heinous crime? TBS, Daystar, and all other Christian Media should come together to stop this!
Lita Cosner
It is up to individual Christians to act as they see fit, whether by contacting their congressperson, praying, choosing to redirect their spending, etc. If we wait on leaders, nothing will ever happen.
Bob S.
Lita: Sounds like we agree. I wonder then why you added the scolding. Your explanation is helpful background, but it wasn't necessary. I was simply pointing out how Jehovah says, without embarrassment, that he demanded human sacrifice. *Why* he did that is a tangent.
Lita Cosner
We do not agree. God did not demand human sacrifice; in fact, He made it a capital crime. What He said was that when Israel rejected His good law, He gave them over to what they had chosen. The horror of child sacrifice was simply one of the starkest examples of this.
Douglas R.
I would like to note to the many concerned souls who read this, that over 61,000,000 babies have been slaughtered since 1973 in the United States. Suppose that number represented an average of 3 abortions per women (just an approximation). That would mean that about 20,333,333 women have had abortions during their life. We know some have passed on, by natural death, accident, disease or because of the abortion. Let's say 5 1/3 million are no longer with us. that would leave 15,000,000 women currently living in the U.S. who have murdered at least one of their own children. The number of women in the U.S. is approximately 165 million. I think this number includes children also, so keep that in mind. The percentage of women in the U.S. who have killed a child by abortion is about 9%. If you leave out the female children that percentage increased to over 1 out of every 10 women you meet has killed their own child or 10% of the women in America are murderers. Something to think about whenever you see the feminists screaming for their abortion rights.
Lita Cosner
Actually, the number from a pro-abortion source is 24% of women, but that relies on an iffy interpretation of statistics. Any number more than 0 would be too high and worth mourning.
Joe K.
Excellent article Lita. I would just like to state a few truths and principles. God creates life. God gives life. God IS life. All humans are created in the image of God. Jeremiah 1:5a "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,..." There is a point during pregnancy where the child becomes a separate and distinct human being. There is a humanly ethical controversy on where that line is drawn. However, science has shown that line begins well before the third trimester. Truly, that line is at conception. Advocates of abortion completely disregard this scientific truth, even when many of them are unwavering proponents of science. The United States of America's Declaration of Independence states that... "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." The United States of America is a nation of laws: Unborn Victims of Violence Act 2004. To all human beings: 1 Corinthians 10:23a "All things are lawful," but not all things build up. As creatures of free will, everything is permitted for us, but not everything is beneficial to the life, liberty, and pursuit of our happiness. We must reflect on these truths in all things, but especially in the preservation of life.
Lita Cosner
You are mistaken in your interpretation of Paul's statement that "all things are lawful", which must be taken within its context. Clearly all things are not lawful from God's perspective, such as murder and adultery. From an earthly perspective, nonpayment of taxes and speeding are not lawful. If we put abortion in a "lawful but not beneficial" category, it seriously weakens our ability to oppose it.
Bob S.
Look to your own religion before you complain about Molech. "So I gave them other statutes that were not good and laws through which they could not live; I defiled them through their gifts—the sacrifice of every firstborn—that I might fill them with horror so they would know that I am Jehovah" (Ezekiel 20:25–6).
Lita Cosner
Wow, way to pick a favorable translation way out of context and quote it as if it supports your point! First of all, I am Christian, not idolatrous ancient Israelite. Second, this is in the context of God judging ancient Israel. In Deuteronomy, God said that His Law was good, and if they kept it they would live. They rebelled and served idols instead. So since they did not keep God's good law, he gave them (or gave them over to) laws that were not good and would not lead to life. Instead of the lawful sacrifices that would cover over their sin, He gave them over to the most horrific sacrifices, those He put the death penalty on, the sacrifice of their children.

This is God highlighting the horror of what Israel has chosen, and what He has now given them over to. But the good news is that He restored a faithful remnant, through whom Christ came.
Joseph S.
Choose Life !
Dale S.
Bottom line "abortion" is murder! We are created in the image of God.The law of God supersedes any law that man can make. Roe vs.Wade is a man-made law that gives women the right to have a legalized abortion. I am 100 percent pro-life. This law made in New York can be changed by stopping the federal law of legalized abortion. The heart of man (men and women) can be changed when they receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. But it takes the Word of God (Holy Bible) to make this change. It has the answers to "life" not death. Our God is a God of life not death. He died on the cross, shed His precious blood and rose on the third day to give us who believe and received Him the gift of "eternal life" (Romans 6:23b). Amen! Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me and giving me the truth through Thy Word! Amen!
Sincerely in Christ,
Dale Stuckwish
Brotha Buddy F.
Ok you have a bit of untruth. There are medical reasons for aborting a baby (but it’s very early on). Ever heard of an ectopic pregnancy? It’s where implantation occurs in the Fallopian tubes. If you don’t abort that type of pregnancy the mother will die long before the baby has the chance to get big enough to live outside the womb.

You can’t take an all or nothing approach to this topic and both sides keep doing that.
Lita Cosner
As footnote 2 in my article says, "The removal of a pregnancy outside the uterus (an ectopic pregnancy) to save the woman’s life is not an abortion."
Judie S.
If a woman is raped, hasn't she suffered enough without having her body violated again to remove a baby? I'm sure I've heard of women saying the abortion was worse than being raped again.
Thanks for taking up this topic, we all need to get serious about it. Satan has long term and short term goals, and the long term goal never changes: he simply wants to destroy mankind by any means available. In this way, he strikes back at God, who made man in His image. But he always uses shifting short term goals to achieve his unchanging ends. If we understood this better, we would be more effective in our battle against evil.
Margaret L.
Lita, Thank you for your excellent article. But the worship of Molech is here in Australia too. Are you aware that a Bill is currently in the South Australian Parliament re abortion, and is promoting abortion to be available right up to birth for any reason or no reason? This is The Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill 2019, sponsored by Tammy Franks, a Greens MP. It also promotes abortion without two doctors agreeing; and it promotes a 150 metre exclusion zone around abortion facilities to stop harrassment. The Bill has not yet been debated in Parliament. There is a rally being held on the steps of Parliament House every Wednesday, 12 noon - 3 pm, from now until a vote is taken on the Bill. Can South Australians please lobby their MPs and senators about this proposed Bill, and spread the word about the rally?
Drikus K.
Another problem that arises is the demand for the type of life that this new law encourages. Is a more or less accountable life encouraged by this law? We know that parenting requires more accountability. The fact that a woman (here is no mention of the father) can abort a child for no reason until birth, bears witness to a life of less accountability.
Litsa G.
Here in the state of Victoria in Australia abortion up to birth has been legal for over a decade already. God have mercy on our legislators!!
Margaret K.
Australia is hurtling down this same mad path. I worry about all those women who have had abortions and are now realizing what they have done. I don't want to add to their pain. But I do sincerely condemn the legislators, those who perform abortions and those who sell body parts - they know what they are doing. So the baby wouldn't survive outside the womb which is it's natural habitat at this stage of life? Well, an adult won't survive without oxygen which is it's natural habitat - does that make it right to remove the oxygen and kill an adult? Or is it one law for the voter and another law for the helpless?
Paul M.
I hate to say it, but if this is the way things are going, would it be beneficial (for a small win) to campaign that aborted children are properly anaesthetised (so death is painless?) Wilberforce might have recognised that humanising the infant to this extent might be a larger gain, just as he fought initially for better conditions for slaves, and their rights grew from that? I only know that I have had many major surgeries, and fell asleep and felt nothing. It would not lessen the crime in God's eyes, or the effects to the mother, but it might just be less suffering. Small comfort, I know.
Lita Cosner
Going from killing babies to killing babies who are asleep is not a 'small win'.
Harry B.
A while ago a charity I support asked me to sign one of their online petitions to allow a 12 year old rape victim access to, and I quote, "safe, clean abortion, " unquote, as this was the best option. I not only refused, I told them never to ask me to support abortion again, ever. I also told them that there had to be an another way, one that did not involve the murder of an innocent unborn child. Yes, that's right, I said murder. Killing an unborn child is exactly that. No matter what crime may have been committed a child still in the womb has done absolutely nothing that merits a death sentence. I agree that the girl needed access to the best available medical care and her rapist be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but there is no way I will ever condone abortion. Not now, not ever. Surely there has to be another way.
Wyman K.
Father that is murder
Brent P.
Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Murdering anyone offends God, who made us in his image. Thus you shall not kill or offer your children in sacrifice to some idolatrous god, which can be a god constructed in one's own image.
The only human blood sacrifice which was and remains God-ordained is the one by our Lord Jesus Christ himself who obediently and willingly offered himself to be killed in a cruel death on a Roman cross for the redemption of all who accept this as being the grace of God for the forgiveness of sins. See also Russell Grigg's article "made in the image of God".
Daniel J.
Not your DNA? Not your body.
Neil M.
Psalm 6 vs17-18 says that what is detestable to God is Haughty eyes,a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood.
Most women do not realize that the blood shed in an abortion is not the mothers blood.The mother's blood and the Child's blood do not ever mix and can even be a different blood group. The term often stated is "it's my body my choice" But it is in fact a new DNA human's body that is killed and the mother has already exercised at least 2 major choices in order to have conceived.The oft deliberately ignored other fact is that a man was 50% involved, the child was 50% sourced from his DNA so it is hardly "her body" or even for that matter,his body. The bible actually talks mostly in terms of the man's seed in human offspring certainly making the male contribution of great significance.
Rob P.
Thank you, Lita.
Christians in Australian States have the same issues to deal with.
We continue to pray that the eyes of "blind" politicians will be opened and the scales removed, when it comes to voting in Parliament.
Your article is indeed accurate and encouraging with information to use in our Christian witness.
Lisa C.
Recently in the news, I think it was in the UK, a newborn survived being left outside in freezing temperatures. People find this sort of thing shocking, and rightly so. Presumably this child was unwanted by the mother, but if she'd simply had a late term abortion, it wouldn't have made the news.
William B.
Should children conceived in rape be aborted? No. A search on your favourite search engine will find plenty of examples of people conceived in rape. Anyone heard of Eartha Kitt? Children should not be punished for the crimes of the father.
Jasia S.
Wonderful article
David G.
Our modern civilisation sacrifices more children to adult convenience in a year than the entire ancient world sacrificed...I'll bet.
Renton M.
In response to Sarah...when a woman is raped, she is innocent of wrong doing. If we propose that any child conceived through rape be aborted, we are proposing the innocent woman become guilty as a way of solving a problem. Aborting a child conceived through rape does not unrape the woman. It just makes her guilty of a crime which is just as horrendous...or worse, than the one to which she was subjected.
Jaroslav L.
Thank you for your kind explanation.
Jaroslav L.
In case we ask God to stop people, who intently kill babies, from doing it, we actually ask God to violate His principle of free will. In case we ask God to save people who intently kill babies, we relativize evil resp. we apologize evil. Please advise.
Lita Cosner
Scripture is full of the prayers of the saints to preserve the innocent in the face of their attackers. We can confidently ask for God to thwart the plans of those who want to make it easier to kill babies, and to turn the hearts of the mothers who might murder their own children, and that God would cause a society-level repentance for the sin of abortion. Let God work out the complicated stuff about free will--that's beyond us, anyway. If you pray for anyone, there's a danger of their free will being violated, so we always have to trust God with that.

And we know that God can even save the worst of sinners, and there are many testimonies of women who have had abortions, and even abortionists, who God has saved. So we can confidently ask for God to save sinners, not minimizing their sin, but magnifying the greatness of the Saviour.
Gian Carlo B.
Response to Lita: I am well aware of that. I did point out the reason God’s Wrath hasn’t been realized was precisely because of what you said. I hope that the entire Christian community engages in a revolution to overturn this abortion. Not a violent one of course like the failed Russian 1917 Revolution. But actively engaging in this. Abortion should never be a mere political issue. It has philosophical and theological stakes involved.
Sarah C.
I'm am curious about people who use the argument of women who have been raped. I'm a hundred percent pro life but a coworker of mine brought this up and I'm wondering what the statistics are for these women getting abortions and how to handle this topic as a pro lifer.
Lita Cosner
Rape is a terrible crime, but it doesn't carry the death penalty in the United States. So if the criminal rapist is not executed, why should the child conceived in rape be put to death for the rapist's crime? Only half of women choose to abort their children conceived in rape, according to the NIH. About a third choose to raise their child, about 6% choose adoption for the child, and the remainder have miscarriages.

Furthermore, only 1.5% of abortions are because of rape and incest. But abortion advocates make it seem like it's much more than that.
Edmond C.
John 1:4 ESV "In him was life, and the life was the light of men"

Our God is not the God of death, he is the God of life. Sacrificing children was offensive because he is the God of life. God only ever required one human sacrifice and it was his own Son the light and life of the world. And he made that sacrifice to give us life. I thank God I serve the God of light and life. The God whose laws are to protect us and give us abundant life. May God open the eyes of blind to the horrors and atrocity of abortion.
Nathaniel W.
Thank you for this article. It is well received, particularly from a NY native, although I don't live there now. My only questions are 1) is it the opinion of the author and CMI that abortion should be outlawed immediately in any form in the US or whether it is better to tackle it piece by piece through small victories in legislation? Considering the modern prolife movement in America who have effectively said there is no reason to bring scripture into the argument for or against abortion. And 2) is the child in the womb really innocent? I think specifically of Psalm 51:5 and 58:3. I can understand though where this language comes from citing Proverbs 6:6-19. In either case, the citation from Leviticus at the beginning of the article is appropriate, and the child is a gift from God Psalm 127:3-5, and every human is made in the image of God Genesis 1:26-27 and James 3:9.

Regarding whether the child is innocent, I was using the term in the legal sense. No one would contest that the unborn child has committed no crime worthy of death.
Lita Cosner
Why do we have to choose between incremental laws and making abortion entirely illegal? Let's say that in a certain place it is legal to abort all children for any reason. We have the option of passing a law banning abortion after the baby can survive outside the womb, saving some babies from death. Do we reject that law because the younger children can still be killed, or do we accept this law to immediately save some children, while still fighting for the younger children? We should fight until the womb is a safe place for every child, but we should take whatever gains we can, as soon as we can, if our aim is to save children. This is what Wilberforce did, accepting incremental gains in his fight against slavery, until the slave trade was made illegal in Britain. All the while he maintained that slavery was a barbarous, unbiblical practice that is never acceptable, but he was willing to accept partial wins along the way to his goal.

Of course, while he was fighting the political battle, he was working with others to change the hearts and minds of people on the topic.

Of course, my entire basis for being pro-life is biblical, which is clear from my published work on the topic. I haven't personally come across anyone who says the Bible is irrelevant to the debate, but I don't have much in common with them to the extent that they exist.
Jennifer C.
Good article. One point about the Roman practice of exposure. As I understand it, a baby found to have been exposed could be adopted, sometimes as a slave in the household of the finder. This happens in the Greek myth of Paris, and the play Oedipus Rex. So exposure was actually kinder than abortion.
Bill P.
I must admit when I saw these people celebrate this law what was going through my mind was NOT very "Christ Like". I had to rein in my emotions and pray to our Lord to remind me that "Vengeance is mine says The Lord, I will repay". There is a photo on the internet of a doctor operating on a pregnant woman and the hand of the child in her womb reaches out and grasps the doctors hand.
I challenge any who celebrated this law being passed to find that photo, look at it, and then look in the mirror and say that it is okay to kill unborn children. If they are not moved to repent and ask The Lord to forgive them of this sin then they are lost and without hope. Case Closed. What adds to their evil is the fact that they lit up the lights around the sight of the "Twin Towers". At that sight there is a plaque that lists the names of the people killed that day. It's my understanding that 11 of the women who were killed that day were w/child, and this plaque makes mention of this.
I take some comfort in knowing these children are w/The Lord, with a Father that truly loves them. Makes no difference if they believe this or not BUT one day these little ones will be a witness against those who celebrate evil. They lie and destroy just like the father of ALL lies who they worship.
May The Lord be magnified forever.
Norman P.
Thank you Lita for speakng out on this issue, in a clear and balanced manner. These bizarre aberrations are affecting the the whole Judeo-Christian world - the very cultures that have had God's word the longest, and have experienced grace the most.
The grossest of sins now being put on a legal footing represent more than just liberalism: they are a satanically-inspired Antichrist rebellion, as predicted in Psalm 2. This is the 'negative Gospel' - a terminal sign - as of a mirror - revealing to humanity its ugly depravity - for which repentance is still a possibility, though as with Sodom, not for much longer.
And for us who have repented, this is a time to stand in the truth, our lights shining brightly, as empowered by the Spirit of grace - which, actually, can seem quite a weak position, except the weakness of God is greater than men.
Wayne W.
Thank you for an excellent commentary on this holocaust of the innocents. Jesus made it clear the value He attached to children and the penalty for their destruction morally and I believe we can extend that concept to their physical destruction too. Suffer the children come unto Me... How sad that these babies do indeed suffer but I believe each one is with the Lord who loves them dearly. We must oppose this abomination of death of the innocents with every ounce of strength we have. We say "Come Lord Jesus!" We pray for the establishment of His Kingdom here on earth and His Just reign!
Gian Carlo B.
I would not mind absolute destruction of USA to the magnitude of Sodom and Gomorrah if the West continues this pathetic trend, especially on abortion and euthanasia. The reason such destruction hasn't yet passed is due to the Grace of God and He sees some righteous people out there. I am nonetheless just infuriated at how this has been passed legally. They need to be executed.
Lita Cosner
Careful about wishing for the wrath of God to be poured out. There are many Christians in America, and many people who God is saving out of this Satanic movement. God's judgment will certainly come at the time He has determined, but those of us who have been saved by His grace should be asking for these people to be saved.
Alexio G.
Did you hear? It turns out virgina legalized killing the baby after it's born!
Lita Cosner
We can be pro-life and recognize the horrors of abortion without being factually incorrect. Virginia's proposed law would not have allowed killing a born child (killing a child in the womb is horrible enough without sensationalizing). The person who described it as allowing the murder of a child moments away from birth was actually factually incorrect according to some sources (though it reveals the ghoulish nature of the pro-abortion advocates that they would support such a thing). Abortion is already legal in the third trimester if the woman's life or health is threatened. And the bill was not passed, but it was defeated by the state's strong pro-life majority.

Let's be passionately pro-life, but also careful with our facts.
John E.
You briefly mentioned black women, Lita; I read with great sadness this week that more black children in New York City are currently being aborted than born alive!
Simply tragic.
Lita Cosner
The latest statistic I read was that the situation had improved, and slightly more black children are born alive there than killed in abortion. Regardless, it is an appalling statistic.

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