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Patrick P.
A book that every South African should read especially at this time of so much racial discussion from our Parliament to University Campuses. All peoples would benefit greatly. The only answer to this enormous problem.
Demolishes racist theory in the first place and secondly for me, it explains why "Bible believing" Christians supported racism during the pre modern slavery time.
Warwick A.
Congratulations Carl. I expected your book to be good but it wasn’t, it was truly excellent, a wonderful challenging, enlightening experience from beginning to end.

Approaching Australia Day you reminded me starkly how racist beliefs inspired by evolutionary notions gave those looking for an excuse a solid foundation for writing our Aboriginal brothers and sisters off as nought but sub-human leftovers of human evolution. How different would those days have been and again how different would be the situation today if the Australian Christian church had trusted God’s word and (with Wilberforce in mind) publically stood firm, rejecting man’s shallow constantly changing ‘scientific’ opinions. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” Genesis 1:27.
Susan W.
Thank you for a great book! I really appreciate the format, with the short "feature" sections and colorful graphics breaking up the chapters. It helped make the information easy to read, especially for those not trained in science. I found my non-science inclined daughter going back to the book over and over, as I had done, digesting information in managable chunks. I was greatly touched by your discussion of Australian racial history, which I have previously been unaware of. You and your staff are planting great seeds for increased understanding of the whole Gospel. God bless you in your work!
Peter S.
I have found One Human Family to be one of the best books I have read in a long time. Carl Wieland draws on a life-time of having thought through and seen first-hand the effects of rejecting the Bible's plain explanation of who we are, where we came from and why there are (what appear to be) different races of humans. He masterfully shows that many "non-white" government-sanctioned atrocities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa that would never be tolerated in the West, are due to an underlying, unspoken racist assumption that people in those parts of the world wouldn't know any better. He also shows that it is only those countries with a truly Biblical (rather than simply "Christian") heritage are the ones with an underlying expectation of peace, safety and prosperity.
This is not like so many great books where the author writes about something about which they are knowledgable, passionate but personally detached. This is one of the rare books where the author "pours out his heart", based on his lifetime of creation ministry. I consider this book to be a "must-read" for anyone needing to better understand the dynamics behind racism, and how it plays out in the world we live in.
Noel Y.
Thank you so much for this book (One Human Family). Whilst it is a scolarly and complete work, it is also easy to read and nicely segmented for the man in the street. My wife and I truly believe, as your book has shown, that the answer to the world's problems today can be unearthed by digging in the Bible. Reading your book can turn the lights on for Christians and non-Christians alike. Thank you for spending your life working on problems like this. People won't know many of these facts, figures and attitudes unless they read it in a book like this. God bless you and CMI worldwide.
Russell G.
As a missionary in the central Australian region, One Human Family is a book that reaffirms that I am my brother's keeper. In the mix of cultures, excess alcohol consumption and supply, I have found this book to be a supportive resource.
Rae L-J
[My husband] Nigel & I have really been encouraged by your new book Carl. Nigel, who is not a regular book reader, is devouring One Human Family, and said that it makes simple sense of a lot of things he has found it difficult to get his head around previously. And this means, of course, that he is able to more confidently share this info with all the people he works with (whether they like it or not! :-)
Mike C.
Dear Carl

This is just a brief note of sincere appreciation for the huge effort, inspiration and passion you have put into One Human Family.

I have just finished it and have been so incredibly blessed, educated and challenged. You so succinctly cover many important topics, yet with a frankness and style that makes it so very easy to read-and yet so hard to put down!

As I got to know you even better through your personal anecdotes, I realised how absolutely ideal you are as the author for such a book. Your own family background and experiences provide powerful backing over and over again for the topics you cover. I also really like the layout and format of the book. The highlighted features are eye-catching, interesting and educational, linking to the main body of the text in a very relevant manner.

I have ordered a number and will be prayerfully giving them away to key people who I know will be greatly impacted by the material covered by your book. It is so timely, ‘spot-on’ and greatly needed in such a day as this!
Nerida A.
A great book. Very easy to read!
Coosie H.
It is so fascinating and easy to read. It changes the way you think
Dr Peter L.
Carl, I read your book a little while ago, and I thought it was fantastic—a really important contribution to the Christian/Creation cause.
Sid G.
Last week I finished reading your wonderful new book… I have a bad habit of reading multiple books at one time, so … I was already reading a few other related works.

Your book, Carl, was so good, I put the others down until I was done with yours. I kept making notes in the margins stimulated by the numerous, vital subjects you addressed. You covered so many of the concepts and conclusions addressed in the other books I was reading, yet you were able to tie them together into a coherent, cohesive unit centered around the truth of God’s Word.

… your book was a major benefit in tying together my own thoughts on so many related subjects (biblical epistemology, race vs. culture, capitalism/communism vs. sin nature, true racism vs. “crying wolf”, unequal people with equal value, the real root of single-mom families… I could sit here and write many pages of specific praise and thanks. …

As a 30 year Christian family counselor and science teacher, I found your distinction between culture and race to be equally as effective as the genetic evidence to combat true racism. …

Take care and know that we are grateful for all that you have done for our lives and for so many others.
Lyle L.
Wow! …
Immediately gets the reader’s attention… stays that way to the very end-nothing boring in this book!! Page after page of interesting and important facts of history, science, culture, etc. … should be in every library on the planet. Thank you CMI/Dr Wieland.

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