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Patrick H. Young, Ph.D.

Creationist Chemist and Materials Scientist (USA)


Dr Young received a Ph.D. in chemistry from Ohio University in 1984. After graduation he initiated an in-depth research program on the study of lyotropic liquid crystals where he received U. S. patent as co-inventor of a Kevlar® polymer and process modification improving critical properties in high performance composites.

Since 1988, Dr. Young has been active in the research and development of Mylar® film products for capacitor and thermal transfer media applications. Some of these products include; using MIE scattering theory to develop a polyester film material useful in the manufacture of photoresists, a copolymer film composition useful in flyback transformers and a high dielectric strength polyester film for capacitors that resulted in a U.S. Patent.

Dr. Young’s Christian background has also led him to do extensive studies on the subject of creation. His current interest involves the study of the time domain and how quantum theory and/or multidimensional string theories may be used to explain the Genesis account.


  • Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry with Minors in Organic and Physical Chemistry — Ohio University.
  • B.S. in Chemistry — University of Rio Grande.

Research Interests

  • The tribological understanding of surface topography relationships to film handling.
  • Electrical property improvements of polyester films.
  • Tensile strength and thermal improvements in polyester films.

Representative Achievements

  • High dielectric strength Mylar® product for film / foil capacitors using synthetically precipitated cubic inorganic particles resulting in a U.S. patent.
  • Directed the development of a new product using MIE scattering theory that aids in the manufacture of Photoresists.
  • Received a United States Patent on a Kevlar® polymer variation to manufacture acicular para aramides.
  • Directed the development of a new product using copolymer polyester technology for high voltage flyback transformers.
  • Received the Donald F. Clippinger award for superior research by a graduate student in 1984.
  • Received DuPont’s marketing excellence award in 1996. Highest award in the business unit.
  • Provided strong community support in a variety of voluntary leadership positions including Big Brother / Big Sisters, Mental Health and Recovery Services Board.
  • Voted one of the outstanding young men of America in 1989.
  • Voted one of the outstanding young men of science in 1993.
  • Two other patents pending.

Professional Experience

  • Thin Film Technical Service Manager, Research Group Leader / Chemist — DuPont Films, 1984 – Present.

Selected Publications

  • The Characterization of High Performance Fibers using Infrared Microscopy. Spectrocopy 3(9) 1988.
  • Coated Films for A.C. Film foil Capacitors. Paper given at the Capacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium 1997.
  • New Surface Topographies for PET Film Capacitors. Paper given at the Capacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium 1999.
  • Intracavity Enhancement of Raman Peaks inside the Cavity of a Dye LASER, Spectroscopy Letters 16(6):471–478, 1983.
  • The Identification of Dropouts in Magnetic Media Using Infrared Reflectance Microspectroscopy, Spectroscopy Letters 23(5):679–698, 1990.
  • Developments in Video and DAT Dropout Analysis. Paper given at the International Tape Association Meeting 1989.


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