Peter Sparrow

Peter Sparrow, B.Sc., Dip.Ed. Peter holds a B.Sc. in Biology/Palaeontology from Flinders University, a Dip. Ed. from Adelaide University and is also a qualified builder licensed in carpentry, concreting and steel construction. After working as a secondary school science teacher Peter, together with his wife Cathy, a registered nurse, started in the Creation Bus ministry with what is now Creation Ministries International. Over 17 years, this innovative rural ministry covered over 200,000 kms and visited over 1,000 towns allowing over 100,000 people to hear the evidence for Creation in over 1,500 meetings. This makes Peter and Cathy arguably the world's most experienced creation ministry team and 'Myrtle' (their pet name for the Creation Bus), the longest serving vehicle in the history of Australian Christian ministry till its retirement in 2009, with Cathy (a registered nurse) then becoming a fulltime carer for her ailing mother (now with the Lord). Peter still does part-time speaking for CMI from their home in Adelaide, working with the local Friends of CMI group, as well as from time to time touring in other countries by invitation. He has a powerful testimony of how the Lord brought him out of atheism through the evidences for creation.

Peter speaks straight from the heart in each of his talks. He says, "The church cannot have revival without firstly accepting the word of Jesus Christ—as recorded in the Bible—who is our Creator God. It doesn't make sense to be granted salvation through the Last Adam, unless there was a literal first Adam through whom sin entered the world."

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Published: 17 February 2006