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Creation 44(3):33, July 2022

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New evidence of Darwin plagiarism



A new book by Dr Mike Sutton, Science Fraud: Darwin’s Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s Theory, provides fresh evidence that Darwin plagiarized the work of Patrick Matthew.1

Matthew was a Scottish agriculturist and landowner who in 1831 had published a theory of natural selection. That was 28 years before Darwin’s Origin was published. Natural selection as an observable phenomenon culling the unfit was already well known in Matthew’s day. But, like Darwin, he proposed it as a mechanism of evolutionary adaptation and the formation of new species.

The Sutton book’s release in February 2022 was reported in several mainstream newspapers, such as the Mail on Sunday2 and the Times.3

This latest book builds on evidence previously published in Sutton’s earlier book, Nullius in Verba.4 As an example, some of the further evidence he presents concerns Darwin’s claims that he did not know about Matthew’s prior work, On Naval Timber and Arboriculture (1831). Using tools for data analysis, Sutton shows that this was highly unlikely to be the case; many of Darwin’s close associates had read and referenced Matthew’s work.

Darwin continued to offer poor excuses in defence of his plagiarism through later correspondence.

Sutton points out that the scientific establishment continues to promote Darwin as an idol to be venerated. Sutton is not critiquing evolution as such, but he says that critics of Darwin who dare to speak out are marginalized for this.

Of course, those who question evolution itself fare far worse. Their research would never be publicized like this in the secular press.

Posted on homepage: 14 August 2023

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