Feedback for the week of March 28, 2005

Poll results—fake or fact?

Your latest poll, “Do you support using embryonic stem cells for research?” has shocked and amazed me!

I cannot believe that so many visitors of your web-site would be in favor of this research. They must know that this process kills the embryos. God knit us in our mother’s womb—from embryos.

I would think that those going to this web-site would be Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ—for the most part—and know that this is wrong. I would think most would take the first 11 chapters of Genesis literally and also would allow God to set the rules—not man.

This is a shocker that 54% currently are for this reasearch. [Editor’s note: please see note below on the accuracy of this percentage.] God forgive us.

This shows that we have a long ways to go, even with fellow Christians, that the Bible is the authoratative word of God and we need to go to his word to know the truth.

God loves you and so do I

Ken Kreh

PLEASE NOTE: The results of the poll on stem cell research (which ran March 14 to March 20) seem to be heavily skewed due to some person(s) attempt to bolster the results in their favor. (We received several thousand “yes” votes in the course of only a few hours’ time.) We apologize for any concern this has caused, however as with any internet poll, this may happen from time to time (a good reminder that we need to take any poll result with a grain of salt). While we appreciate every person’s vote, we’d also appreciate if you vote only once on any given issue.

A more accurate indication of the results may be seen in the following vote count just before the suspect votes were cast:

  • No: 2,095 votes (88%)
  • Yes: 296 votes (12%)

To learn more about this controversial issue and what the Bible has to say, see Stem cells and Genesis.

A new poll, and its results, is available every week on our homepage. Please visit and give us your opinion.

Published: 3 February 2006