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Creation 24(3):27, June 2002

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Pressing on for creation

Author profile—Russell Grigg

Many readers would know CMI-Australia staff member Russell Grigg’s name very well from his many articles in Creation magazine. Holder of a master’s degree in chemistry, and a former Senior Editor for a major book publisher, the lucid and elegant style of his writing (often on Biblical issues) is widely appreciated.

Russell Grigg with medals
Now 75—and actively resisting the Curse!: Russell Grigg—editor, former missionary and industrial chemist—has kept himself fit and active at an age at which the last thing many would think of is a workout at the gym, let alone competing in athletics tournaments. He is seen here with the medals he won at the Oceania Veterans Athletics Championships in the 70–74 age group—silver in the shot put, bronze in the hammer throw, and bronze in the weight pentathlon.

Last January, when Russell, a remarkably sprightly 74 at the time, went to compete in the 11th Oceania Veterans Athletics Championships in Geelong (near Melbourne), we light-heartedly said that if he brought back a medal, we would tell our readers about it. In fact, he won three!

All of us in our Brisbane office have a deep affection for our fellow worker, Russell, whose enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel, for the Lord and for life are infectious. He has devoted many years of work to Creation Ministries International, most of it unpaid. In younger days, he and his wife, Merle, spent 12 years in Indonesia with Overseas Missionary Fellowship, publishing Christian books and tracts. His associates there now use CMI materials extensively.

Most people who meet him would not realize that in 1975, as the result of bowel cancer, Russell ended up having to wear a permanent external colostomy appliance.

Russell is only too happy for people to know of this, as some who have been facing this situation have been greatly helped by his cheerful and relaxed way of talking about it. ‘I’ve known of people who say they would “rather die”? than have such a handicap’, says Russell. ‘I am sympathetic, but from my experience I know that this is completely unwarranted. It does not hinder me from doing anything, including interacting closely with others in an office or at church, leading a home group, and enjoying sport, gym, and a rich and happy married life in all respects.

‘I’m immensely grateful’, he goes on, ‘that the Lord has allowed me to live a full and active life, well beyond normal retiring age. I’ve always found the opportunity to preach and teach from God’s Word a privilege, but it’s been a special thrill to be able to multiply that through Creation magazine, and know that this reaches many tens of thousands of people.’

Thanks, Russell, for inspiring all of us ‘youngsters’ to keep ‘pressing on’ (Philippians 3:14) as we join with you in fighting ‘the good fight’ (2 Timothy 4:7).

September–October 2002 Update

Russell Grigg’s seven medals from the Asia Pacific Masters Games
Asia Pacific Masters
Russell Grigg’s two medals from the World Masters Games
World Masters

In September 2002, Russ competed in the 75–79 age group at the Asia Pacific Masters Games at the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia), and won seven medals—two gold (weight throw and weight pentathlon), two silver (1500 m and 3000 m race walks) and three bronze (discus, hammer throw and 200 m sprint).

Then in October 2002, at the World Masters Games in Melbourne, Australia, he won bronze medals in the high jump and the 10 km road walk, and also came 5th in the 5000 m track walk.

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