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Creation  Volume 29Issue 3 Cover

Creation 29(3):48
June 2007

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Does science need evolution?

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‘No product, discovery, medical procedure, or advance has come out of evolutionary theory. Without evolutionary theory, all practical biology would stand just as it is. No major corporation has a “Department of Evolution” because scientists who have to produce results don’t use it.

‘In fact, I would like to challenge the readership of this publication to come up with one practical application of biology that would have been impossible were it not for the hypothesis of evolution.

‘In the meantime, I think that scientists should leave the important questions, such as what is the meaning of life and is there a God, to religion, which knows how to answer such questions, and stick to what they know how to do, such as breeding insect-resistant corn and curing cancer.’

Avraham Sonenthal, The Scientist 11(14):10, 1997.

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