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Responses to “Professing Christian claims CMI site is ‘full of lies’”

A number of readers have commented on the feedback response, Professing Christian claims CMI site is ‘full of lies’:

Adam S., Queensland, Australia (15 March 2008)

In response to the "Professing Christian" Claims CMI Site is Full of Lies, I just wanted to say — WELL DONE Dr Jonathon Sarfati! I just thrive off the arguments presented from an objective Christian Creation Scientist. In text he appears very witty. The points raised (and the rest of the CMI site) equip me in my Christian faith for similar arguments from peers in my life. I like that WWJD part. Perhaps, you should have mentioned to the ‘Professing Christian’ that Jesus quoted from Genesis many many times (more than any other book except Deuteronomy … I think). I think Jesus would have slapped him around with Bible quotes as well (just like he did with the pharisees). Keep it up guys! Love your work! I hope the documentary is going along well too. Looking forward to its release.

Yours in Christ!

L.B., Western Australia (16 March 2008)

I was impressed by Jonathan Sarfati responding to a complainant recently, in that the response was in exactly the manner which the complainant said CMI did not do.

On an email list or a ‘blog’, the complaint would be called ‘a flame’ (possibly a reference to Revelation 21:8) because it‘s empty, transparent & can be painful.

A typical response to it would be much less polite than Dr Sarfati’s, because the flamer has just demonstrated that no matter how great their own learning, their application of it is essentially useless whinging.

As a professed ‘Christian’ this should be a great worry to them, because (Romans 2:13) Jesus counts what we actually do far ahead of what we claim, and what the flamer has done here is exempt themselves from being justified in God’s eyes. In short, they’ve doomed themselves.