Robert Hunt

B.Tech (Hons) Industrial Management & Engineering, B.Phil. Grad. Dip. In Inf. Sc.



Robert Hunt left behind a promising career as a software engineer in order to attend Bible college and linguistic classes when he retrained to become a Bible translator. Robert, his wife Margaret and their six children then lived with the Matigsalug people in the mountains of the southern Philippines for approximately twenty years as they learnt the language of the people, helped them create an alphabet and literacy materials, and trained a team to translate the Bible into their own language.

A long term lover of science and mathematics, Robert felt mentally liberated when he discovered Creation magazine and realised that he didn’t have to leave his brain at the church door when it came to science and the Bible. He began teaching creation to local church and school groups, as well as organising a community seminar to teach about design in biology.

Robert has also presented God’s Awesome Book seminars around New Zealand for Wycliffe Bible Translators. He enjoys inspiring people in their trust of God’s Word.

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