Rev. Robin Greer


Robin Greer was educated as a Biochemist/Synthetic Organic Chemist, and worked as a research chemist with a large multinational company. Then he studied for Christian ministry in the late 1980s. His theological training through university and a Bible-believing Christian seminary eventually led to his writing a thesis entitled Evolution—Fact or Fiction?

While attending university Robin was deeply influenced by the Darwinian theory of evolution and the big bang idea, which convinced him that the Universe came into existence out of nothing billions of years ago, and that man was merely an animal having evolved through millions of years from a common ancestor, and all from pond scum. Robin says, “My faith was shattered, but praise God, who never fails nor forsakes His child, after some 18 months conviction of sin, God revealed His truth to me again in 1985 at a Gospel Meeting and restored me back to a firm faith in Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord.”

Robin always had a fascination with science, but particularly the origin of the Universe and the chemistry of life. In 1985 when he was restored back to faith in Christ, he came to see that God’s Word in Genesis was very precise on the matter of origins, and that we did not evolve from pond scum!

So Robin has seen in his own life the importance of the creation message and thus he has a burden to share this with others.

Robin has spoken in many parts of the UK on the truth of God’s Word, His 6-day, 24-hour special Creation, and a “Young Earth” worldview as opposed to the Darwinian evolutionary idea (molecules to man), and the big bang theory (millions and billions of years) worldview.

Ordained in the early 1990s, Robin counts it a tremendous privilege to have been able to serve his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, as a pastor, speaker and writer.

He is married to Alison, a nurse, and they live in Northern Ireland. For several years, he was an associate speaker with CMI (UK/Europe)..


  • B.Sc. Biological Chemistry, The University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland.
  • M.Phil. (Thesis: Studies in the Synthesis of Quininoline Alkaloids), The University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland.
  • B.D., Kings College, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

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