The ‘Rock Man’ UK Tour with Dr Tas Walker

With degrees in earth science and engineering, Australian creationist and geologist Dr Tas Walker is well known around the world to lay people and flood geologist experts alike. Prior to joining Creation Ministries International full time in 1999, he spent 20 years in the Queensland electricity industry, involved in the planning, design and operation of power stations. His professional experience has also included the geological assessment of coal mining proposals and a large hydro-electric development.

With CMI, Dr Walker regularly speaks on creation apologetics topics, continues to do geology field work and lead field trips, and is an editor of Creation magazine. Also a prolific writer, his many articles appear on creation.com, Journal of Creation, and in other creationist works. The ‘Biblical Geological Model’ which Tas developed many years ago has been accepted by many flood geologists around the world. Indeed, some of the leaders in this field use and regularly refer to this model as the basis of their own research. Tas maintains his own website and blog, one of creation.com’s affiliated websites.

In spite of his academic background, his talks have great appeal to lay audiences through his ability to communicate information at a level that non-scientists can understand. You can see some samples of Tas in action on his biography page. His popular booklet, The Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction (also in e-book formats), and DVDs (see here) attest to this fact. Tas is one of the 15 featured PhD scientists in our brand new Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels book and forthcoming EAH documentary film, which premieres this Autumn.

Tas Walker’s UK tour starts off in Northern Ireland (taking in Giant’s Causeway Field Trips), then moves to England. We encourage you to try to attend an event near you—and to bring along friends.

Giant’s Causeway Field Trips

CMI, in partnership with our good friends at Creation Outreach Ministries, have arranged for Dr Tas Walker to take groups on geological field trips at the Giant’s Causeway, explaining their formation from a biblical perspective. If you would like to join us on one of these excursions, pre-registration is essential. For further details of these tours, where and when to meet, etc., please go to this page.

Tour Dates

An extensive range of book and DVD resources will be available at each venue.