Dr Emil Silvestru
‘Rocking’ wrong geology

by , CMI–Canada

The science of geology has become one of the greatest sources of ‘facts’ connected to the history of our planet. Evolutionists, by rejecting Genesis Creation and Noah’s Flood and replacing it with evolution, have introduced the idea of extremely long periods of time to interpret these facts. This secular ‘millions of years’ way of thinking about the Earth has saturated the popular media and school textbooks, immunizing many to the Gospel.

In science, we often apply a principle called ‘Ockham’s Razor’ when linking facts with theories. Applied to my own work it basically states that ‘the simplest explanation for geological facts must be the  correct explanation’. Despite the tendency of most geologists to apply millions of years to the data, I have found that in reality the data ‘fits’ far more easily into a young Earth/Flood model for Earth history (thus fulfilling Ockham’s requirement).

There is a great need in the worldwide Christian community to interpret geological data (and there is a wealth of it in Canada) based on the Bible’s history as presented in the first 11 chapters of Genesis.

This is where I come in. This need encouraged CMi-Canada to hire me, a professional, (yet creationist) geologist. My previous research has revealed a number of wrongly interpreted facts such as:

  • Wrongly dated stalactites from caves (commonly believed to take eons of time to form) on the basis of their weak radioactivity. Evolutionists totally ignore simple facts regarding the way they grow.

  • Wrong interpretations about the way rocks, such as limestones, respond to weathering, with very little concern about their known peculiar behaviour.

The hope is that further Canadian research of these topics—and many others—can provide significant support to young-Earth creationist geology. Through this research, CMI will equip Christians with solid, defendable answers to the unfounded attacks of the evolutionist establishment, and in turn, point people to the Creator—the author and owner of all.

Published: 3 February 2006