Roger Birch

Roger Birch


Roger Birch earned a BSc(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from Birmingham University (UK) and then spent over 20 years in the UK and Australia working in IT, mainly in senior management roles. More recently, he gained a DiplMin from Garden City School of Ministries, a BMin(Theol) from the Queensland Baptist College of Ministries (QBCM, now Malyon College) and a GradDip(Theol) through the Australian College of Theology. His BMin(Theol) thesis on Divorce/Remarriage was given the award for Advanced Theological Studies at QBCM.

He ran a non-denominational ministry in Brisbane called Impact for mature-aged divorcees (35–60 year-old) for 7 years between 1996 and 2002. He lectured in biblical Greek at QBCM for 5 years. He now resides in Canberra where he lectures for Unity College in Theology, Biblical Ethics and New Testament Interpretation.

His interest in creation theology commenced over 20 years ago when rededicating his life to Christ after previously losing his faith as a teenager through absorbing academic teaching that claimed evolution was true. His main theological interest now is in developing theology written from a creationist perspective and highlighting the theological problems from not taking a straight reading of Genesis 1–11.


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