Sarah Fay Buckland, Ph.D.

Creationist geographer


Dr Sarah Buckland
Dr Sarah Fay Buckland. Click to see larger image

Dr Sarah Fay Buckland is a committed Christian and Bible evidence advocate, who strives to honour God in all her endeavours. Dr Buckland made the personal decision to receive Christ at the tender age of eight years old and has been a Christian for 21 years. In addition to her ministry, Sarah is also an environmental researcher, Spanish language enthusiast, and inspirational author. Having a deep love for learning, Sarah earned a doctoral degree in Geography from the University of the West Indies (Kingston, Jamaica), with high commendation, and is presently a lecturer and published researcher in the field. Sarah is a member of various international apologetics associations, including the Creation Research Society’s Future Leaders Program, the International Association for Creation and most recently Logos Research Associates. Dr Buckland also holds a certificate in Bible evidence from the Creation Apologetics Teachers’ College in the United States by the Creation Training Initiative, and has participated in certified trainings on Intelligent Design by the Discovery Institute for Science and Culture.

In both her career and ministry, Sarah’s core mission is to empower and equip generations to appreciate and defend Biblical values with integrity and confidence. Sarah recently published two of her testimonies of God’s grace in her own life in a book compilation, where she uses hopes to inspire others to keep trusting God and persevere, even through difficult seasons. Sarah also is founder and principal director of a registered Christian charity, Chosen to GLOW Ministries, which seeks to amplify the Christian voice in the public sphere and equip more youths to know how to defend their faith (see their YouTube channel).

Biblical creation

Dr Buckland explains how important this issue was to her own faith and to her current ministry:

Back in high school, my family and I discovered Creation Ministries International’s website and I became a fan of Creation Magazine Live and the short clip episodes that CMI would produce in response to specific objections to Biblical authority. These resources formed a foundation for my personal outreach from very early to agnostics, atheists, and others with doubts. Fast forward to the pursuit of my postgraduate degree, CMI’s resources continued to be very useful in my social media apologetics ministry outreach, which eventually grew to become a registered charitable organization called ‘Chosen to GLOW Ministries’. The term ‘GLOW’ is an acronym meaning ‘God Leading Our Way’, ‘Go Light Our World’. Creation continues to be a foundational framework for my ministry activities, which are centred around five key pillars: Christian evangelism, advocacy, outreach, research, and education.