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Science and the Bible: Battle for the Mind

Science and the Bible: Battle for the Mind

Ministry tour with Philip Bell, Tuesday 1st to Monday 7th March 2011

Creation Ministries International (UK/Europe) CEO and speaker Philip Bell will be in Scotland from 1–7 March to bring a series of messages on the vital truth and relevance of Biblical Creation in our scientific age.

Philip has a strong and diverse background in science (zoology, geology and biomedical research) and is a qualified school teacher—but just as importantly, he has been an avid student of the whole Creation/evolution debate for the past twenty years. For the last nine of these, he has worked full-time in creation ministry, speaking extensively throughout the UK and Europe—church groups, schools, universities, etc.

Known as a clear and engaging communicator, his main passion is to equip Christians: firstly so that they understand the key issues for themselves; secondly so that they can give credible and compelling arguments in defence of the Christian faith—ones that are both scientifically up-to-date and biblically sound.


Talk titles for this tour:

  • Battle for the Mind: Why Creation Matters
  • Billions of Years: Science and the Bible say No!
  • Evidence for Evolution? Let’s Face the Facts!
  • Noah’s Flood, Fossils and Faith
  • Alien Encounters & the Bible
  • Environmental & Ethical Issues: A Biblical Perspective

Make a difference

Find out how you can make a difference in your family, your church and your community. Learn exciting evidences in support of the Bible’s account of creation and get answers to many questions that people are asking today. Do you have friends or family who would benefit from hearing this information? If so, this is a great outreach opportunity so remember to bring your friends! All welcome.

Venue details:

Don’t miss a great opportunity to hear how the first eleven chapters of Genesis are crucially relevant
to the effective communication of the Gospel message today.
Let’s change this country for the better by changing hearts and minds towards Jesus Christ.

An extensive range of creation resources will be available at all meetings
All meetings are free—voluntary offerings may be taken.
This is a great outreach opportunity so remember to bring your friends!

To inquire about hosting a CMI meeting please contact us or phone
the Ministry Department on +44 (0)116 2848999