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Published: 4 January 2002 (GMT+10)

‘Should I attend a Christian university or a secular college?’ We regularly receive questions like this from individuals contemplating attending college or university, asking for our input on their decision.

To these enquirers, we offer the following general considerations:

  • Some of the more specialized fields of study are not offered by Christian colleges, so your chosen major may limit your choice of institutions. In some instances, a secular school may be the only option.
  • Because of the pervasive influence of evolutionary thought on Christianity, many Christian colleges compromise on the Word of God. In some cases, it may be better for a student to attend a secular school, knowing ‘up front’ that they will be taught evolutionary humanism, rather than attend a Christian college or university that (perhaps unknowingly) undermines God’s Word.
  • We’ve seen the anti-God philosophies taught at secular (and many ‘Christian’) institutions severely damage the lives of those unprepared to uphold and defend their trust in the Word of God (see A Testimony: ‘Joel Galvin’). We’ve also seen a certain amount of discrimination occur against those students known to be Bible-believing Christians. Conversely, we’ve seen those who are prepared for the ‘onslaught’ survive and triumph over the ‘system’. Such students may also be effective witnesses on their campuses, leading others to a saving knowledge of the Lord, and encouraging fellow believers in their Christian walk. Read some testimonies of current college students: Pray for our students!, Universities still teaching fraudulent evolutionary ideas!.
  • Check out our biography index for ideas and information on current scholars and researchers striving to uphold the Bible in their area of expertise (you’ll notice that many of these individuals obtained their degrees from secular universities).

Ultimately, of course, the choice of a college/university is your decision before the Lord. Whichever school and desired field of study you choose, keep in mind that the facts (or ‘evidence’) you hear about do not speak for themselves—they are always interpreted within a framework, a system of beliefs built on assumptions about the past, and the world in which we live. As the infallible Word of God, the Bible provides the correct basis for understanding the truth about the past, and the true nature of the world in which we live (see Faith and facts). It’s important that we allow the Bible to guide our thoughts and ideas about every area of our lives, and about whatever area we choose to study—whether it is biology, education, paleontology, philosophy, archaeology, chemistry, physics, or psychology.

We look forward to seeing the Lord raise up a new generation of scientists, educators, church leaders, etc. who accept God’s Word as authoritative, and who will impact their culture for Christ.

Published: 3 February 2006

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