Tweet My Face, You Digg?

Harnessing the power of social media for Jesus


If you think Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not relevant to reaching our world for Christ, you might want to reconsider. Social media is quickly becoming one of the most widely used forms of communication in our world today and is capable of spreading the good news of the Gospel to people you would never be able to reach otherwise—your hypothetical sister’s aunt’s best friend’s grandson’s brother’s atheist cousin, or perhaps even your hypothetical mother-in-law’s nephew’s boss’ old-Earth-compromised wife. The exponential network of ‘limitless’ connections that social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter provide are powerhouses of outreach potential, and it is time to harness this power to more effectively impact our world for Christ!

Exponential Outreach Opportunity

Facebook has more than 400 million active users and the average user has 130 friends.

At the time of writing, the CMI Facebook profile has 8,204 fans. Presuming all of these users have an average of 130 of their own connections who are not currently linked to CMI, we can use a simple geometric equation to show the astronomical potential this particular social medium has.

Potential number of people reached1

Potential number of people reached

where f = number of fans, c = number of connections/fan, n = number of ‘levels of connection’, i.e.

Potential number of people reached

Not including the current membership base, that’s 1,066,520 people we potentially have access to with our message—and the more people who connect, the more effective we will be! The more users, the more valuable the network and the faster information can spread.

So, eg. if all these people connected …

People connected

More than 138 Million people!!!!

iStockphotoSocial network
  • nearly 50% of the population of the United States of America
  • more than twice the population of the United Kingdom
  • and more than six times the population of Australia

This is of course idealized to an extent; as one goes from one ‘level of connection’ to another, there is an increasing chance that the people connected to will have already been linked by another person in the ‘network’, i.e. there will be an increasing chance of overlap. This is impossible to quantify accurately, and it will bring the numbers down—from astronomical to still sensational, still many, many millions overall, considering that the above calculation has only assumed two additional levels of connection.

Become Involved

How exciting it is to play such an integral part in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ! Encourage your family and friends to connect with us also and let’s work together to not only spread the faith-defending and restoring message of Creation through these culturally relevant media, but be kept up-to-date with "to the second" accurate information on the latest Creation Ministries International news, resource specials, front-page articles and much, much more:


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Published: 24 June 2010