Surviving...and THRIVING!

by Adrian Bates, CEO, AiG (NZ)

January 5, 2002

Did you meet anyone over Christmas for whom surviving was the name of the game? Life begins to look like a series of hurdles we struggle to get through. Maybe, looking back, your Christmas was like that. But look at this verse from God’s Word:

The path of the righteous is like the dawn, Shining ever brighter till the full light of day.’ (Proverbs 4:18)

Rooted and grounded in God’s Love and in God’s Word, Christians are also portrayed

Like a tree planted by streams of water... Whatsoever he does prospers.’ (Psalm 1)

True science supports God's Word!

Creation Magazine
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So in our New Year’s Resolutions let's remember that God has planted us to not just survive but to thrive!

Lets just pause and take stock of this ministry Answers in Genesis:

Description: A Christ-centred evangelistic ministry upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.
Situation: New Zealand: A crumbling secular society where materialism reigns and evolution ‘explains’.
Goal: A ‘new’ New Zealand–God honouring and built on the rock of God’s Word.

A Big task? Sure, but Rome was not built in a day! Actually, Answers in Genesis believes it is involved in the most important part of the construction process–that is the laying of a good foundation. Creation magazine [right] is helping thousands to see that the Bible’s world-view makes sense and that true science supports God’s Word.

Christians are becoming excited as they see the importance of recognising Jesus as Creator as well as Saviour–just as the Bible teaches in Genesis chapter 1 and John 1. A lady’s comment after one of our recent meetings said it all, ‘I didn’t know THAT!’

Many of us can recall the time when we first realized the Genesis account contained the inspired and true history of the world. For non-Christians it is often a defining moment when they realize Genesis is history and evolution is the fairy story. When that penny drops, then what the Bible says about Sin, Salvation, Heaven and Hell suddenly becomes very relevant!

Looking ahead

We hope to be organising many meetings in 2002, focusing on encouraging Christians to use the Creation magazine, books and other materials as a key outreach tool, both with family and friends. The cutting edge of this outreach is the deep interest ordinary people have in origins and science, whereas a ‘religious approach’ that omits to connect the Bible with the real world can be a ‘turn off’. So whether it is your own family members, friends and workmates, or opening a door to a church invitation for an Answers in Genesis presentation, we look forward to working in partnership with you and THRIVING with you in God’s work this year.