Taking it to the streets in 2004!

by , CEO, CMI-Canada

First published January 2004 (update 4 Aug 2006)

This past year has been remarkable, as we have seen the Lord open doors in the most amazing ways. Last year we received more testimonies of changed lives—people affected and influenced through CMI ministry—than ever before. Excitement appears to be building—something is happening!

CMI’s ‘engine room’ full steam ahead!

CMI-Canada has taken a huge leap forward, in preparation for the new year. We really do want to equip more Christians than ever to deal with biblical compromise, showing that Genesis is an infallible account of history and that science confirms every word of the Genesis record, thus pointing more people to the Saviour Jesus Christ.

Pastor John Bonesteel
Pastor John Bonesteel, CMI-Canada’s new Ministry Outreach Manager

We believe lots of Christians want to get involved, but they just don’t know how to get started, and sometimes even feel intimidated by the opposition. What can you do? One simple step is to invite an CMI speaker, who can motivate and spark the flames of interest in biblical authority. To help with this, we have brought on a new team member to manage our Ministry Outreach Department. This key position is the ‘engine room’ of the ministry.

Say hello to Pastor John Bonesteel. John’s fervent desire is to contact pastors all over Canada to arrange ministry engagements for our three speakers. John has already been working closely with Richard Fangrad, Henry de Roos and Dr Emil Silvestru to plan upcoming ministry events.

Can you help CMI reach thousands of Christians in Canada this year? Here’s an easy way: has CMI ever been to your church? John would love to hear from you. Simply email us with your pastor’s name and contact information. With a little help from you, together we can transform peoples lives.

Please pray for John as the ministry goes into high gear!

We’re praying to top 2003!

We’re excited about the unusual opportunities and the impact made in 2003, and we’re even more excited about the opportunities for even greater ministry in the future.

Praise God for last year because:

  • We ministered to over 7,000 people directly.

  • Thousands of folk tuned in to live internet broadcasts.

  • One of our staff scientists and speakers Dr Emil Silvestru undertook exciting and groundbreaking research. He hopes to publish his results next year in Journal of Creation and Creation. (You can support Emil directly in his work—contact our office for details.)

  • Richard Fangrad embarked on a mission trip to Christian-hungry Siberia specifically teaching local pastors about Genesis 1–11.

  • We saw a greater number of new materials produced than any previous year, and a surge in interest in CMI’s existing line of resources.

In 2004, it is our goal to turn these encouraging steps into ‘giant leaps’ and advance the issue of creation like never before. Will you pray for us and support us as we seek to influence our culture and country for our Saviour and Creator? What an exciting time to be involved!

Published: 8 February 2006