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Creation 20(1):31, December 1997

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The evolutionary religion: defying the rules

‘Evolution describes origins in epic proportion and therefore rivals other stories of similar scope, for example, religious stories of origins. Julian Huxley and his humanist friends were explicit that the evolutionary story was to be sold to the public as the foundation of the new humanist theology. Evolution as cultural myth orients life and values on a human axis. The long evolutionary past removes the Judaeo-Christian God to an infinite distance and finally extinguishes Him in the belief that our species is the chance product of blind natural forces. We are on our own and consequently we may do what we will, free of ancient prohibitions and divinely-sanctioned codes.

‘This liberation doctrine is the basis of the most audacious politics ever attempted—the control of human evolution—and it is a salvation doctrine rivalling the Gospel. Creationists know this, as they also know that the evolution story continuously advertised to the public as science is unproved. That is why they contend with the science establishment.’

Professor Hiram Caton, Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia), Quadrant, p. 68, May 1987. [Emphasis added.]