The forgotten kingdom of the Hittites

For 3,000 years, only the Bible preserved a record of their greatness

“The traditional interpretation of the Hittites is a shambles”, says archaeologist David Down in the latest Journal of Creation, a peer-reviewed creationist journal now it its 25th year of publication. David Down takes a group of volunteers to the Middle East each year to assist with research digs, and publishes a popular international archaeological magazine.

Relief of Hittite gods at Yazilikia

“At one point in history the Hittites were the most powerful nation in the Middle East”, David Down said, “successfully challenging the great Egyptian empire under Rameses the Great in dynasty 19.”

David explained that the problem with the traditional interpretation has been the Egyptian chronology, which needs to be reduced by some 500 years for the period in question.

“It would be laughable if it were not so serious”, David said, “same nation, same kings, same culture but 500 years later.”

One of the clues pointing to the problem, and to its solution, is a relief on the walls of the temple of Rameses III depicting a people usually identified as Philistines, whereas they rather bear a resemblance to Persian soldiers, indicating a later date for Rameses III.

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  • Granymede: Jupiter’s surprisingly magnetic moon supports a young universe.
  • Rock arches and natural bridges. The conventional approach to explaining them does not “cut” it.
  • Crisis in cosmology deepens: The second conference in Washington concludes that the big bang is a myth.
  • Grand Canyon formation. A rethink on traditional creationist models.
  • Neandertal mitochondrial genome: Does not support evolution.
  • Darwinism. It’s an attack on thought itself, G.K. Chesterson said.
  • Book Reviews. Keep up-to-date on the latest publications. This issue includes reviews of:
    1. Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin—Good science spoiled by an attempt to shoehorn the data into supporting evolution;
    2. God Actually by Roy Williams—How not to write a Christian defence;
    3. The Design of Life by William Demski and Jonathan Wells—Well conceived and well written but use with care.
  • Butterfly brilliance: How the incredible design aspects of butterfly wings are being uncovered and engineers are copying them.
  • And much, much more. The in-depth Journal of Creation is your window into the latest research on creation/evolution.

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Published: 5 March 2009

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