of Contents

Lesson 1
Planet Earth
Lesson 2
The Ground We Stand Upon
Lesson 3
The Earth’s Surface
Lesson 4
Erosion / Deposition
Lesson 5
Sediments / Fossilization
Lesson 6
Volcanism / Deformation of rocks / Continents
Lesson 7
Metamorphism / Radioisotope Decay
Lesson 8
Ways to date the Earth
Lesson 9
Great geologic events of the past
Lesson 10
Questions people ask

The Geology Book

The Geology Book
by Dr John D Morris

Lesson 5

Sediments / Fossilization


The Geology Book


pp. 36-41


Genesis 7,8

Vocabulary Words:

  • Compaction
  • Cementation
  • Petrification
  • Gastrolith
  • Corprolite


  1. Sand is made primarily of what mineral?
  2. Write a paragraph describing how sedimentary rocks are formed.
  3. What conditions are required to form a fossil?
  4. Name four different types of fossils.
  5. In you own words, write a description of how dinosaur fossils are formed.


NOTE: This week’s activities reinforce the fact that fossils and petrified wood can be made over a short period of time.

  • Make a “fossil” using plaster of paris. Mix the plaster of paris and pour it onto a paper plate. Gather different objects (leaves, toy dinosaurs, etc.), press each into the plaster of paris, and then lift the object off. Include a print of your hand or foot. Let dry. Paint, when dry, if desired.
  • This is week 3 of the experiment started in Lesson 3. Has your mound decreased any? What caused this decrease?

Additional resources:


  1. Silica
  2. See page 37.
  3. That the organism be buried rapidly, protected from scavengers and from decomposition by bacteria and chemicals
  4. Hard parts are preserved; replacement by other minerals; cast or mold are all that remains; petrification; cabonization; preservation of soft parts; frozen animals; animal tracks and worm burrows; coprolites; gastroliths
  5. See page 41.

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