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Creation 1(2):20–21, October 1978

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The Queensland connection
Some history of Creation Science Foundation (now Answers in Genesis)

Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’ has a lot more going for it than that — it also has a group of dedicated and effective creationists with whom we [in Adelaide, South Australia] have had very close ties of late, so much so that serious negotiations are under way about an ‘interlocking’ of our 2 operations on a nationwide basis.

The Creation Science Advisory Board is, in their words, a group of about 17 ‘Teachers, Lecturers, Researchers and other professionals’ … .which acts as a ‘think tank’ relating to the teaching and promotion of Biblical Creation. They do a whole lot more than think however. Besides a very heavy speaking schedule, they also incorporate three other things:

  1. Creation Science Educational & Media Services (Advisory and Resource centre)

  2. Creation Science Supplies (Book ministry)

  3. Creation Science Research Trust (more recent — to provide original Australian research and educational texts)

They have a large number of books on hand, and they and us feel that it would be more efficient to amalgamate our book ministries as soon as possible. Joint purchases could of course be begun immediately. They are also at work preparing Australian curriculum material and have been trialing some of this in schools, I believe. They have received permission from the publishers to modify certain US texts to suit the Australian scene. Some of their members followed the visit by Prof. Slusher to the eastern states and sold a large quantity of material as a result. At present they have a greater resource of qualified personnel than we, and are using what they have to great advantage. The only things they are lacking at present is the machinery for a ‘grass-roots’ membership, which we have found to be so valuable, and a corresponding magazine, both of which we could provide if negotiations prove fruitful. Their statement of belief is very similar to ours; it has some additions which make it even more acceptable, in our opinion. I therefore recommend to members:

  • If you live in Qld — get in touch with them immediately; if not and you are interested, write to them (addresses follow) and they will send details to any state. If you are able, support them financially.

  • Pray that our joint skills and resources will soon be pooled for the greater result nationally.

  • Work toward the development of a CSA branch in your state — we have members in all states (except NT) but NSW and Victoria are the only ones where the numbers at present justify a ‘steering committee’ to work towards this end. (Qld. will, we hope, soon have a significant influx of members, since we are sending a supply of membership brochures to the CSAB at their request).