June 18 , 2000 POSITIVE:
"The Truth will set you free"

Wow. That's the only word that I can begin with. It sickens me to see how much the enemy is blinding this world to the truth of God. In one negative response, the Bible was called a "book of lies" and a "paper idol". How sad it is to know that the very force that drives them to such hate and confusion must admit himself that the Bible is the infallible word of God. What they don't understand is that the Bible is not just a book to be tossed aside as inaccurate because it's been copied so many times, it is God breathed by the Holy Spirit. I don't see them discounting the reliability of Darwin's works, and they have been around for a long time, copied over and over. Evolutionists say that we need to get out of the dark ages and leap into technology and modernism. However, it is God that has allowed us to discover everything that is so important to us. The Bible says that without Him, NOTHING was made that is made.

So often I hear evolutionists say that we are ingnorant to discount what is regarded as truth and fact. Who is it regarded truthful by? Evolutionists! That sounds pretty biased to me. The Bible says that the truth sets us free. If evolution was pure truth, then why are people being set free FROM it instead of set free INTO it? What on earth would cause a learned proffessor of evolution, one who knows much more about it than creation-condemning high-schoolers, to recant everything he's studied his whole life to prove right? Nothing on earth, only the Spirit of truth so gracioulsy given by God the Father.

What I've always wondered is why evolutionist teachers refuse to even bring up creation in the classroon except to mock it? Are they really that scared of it that they can't even present it's teachings and let kids decide for themselves? It seems to me that in this new age of "think and believe whatever you want to" there would not just be one view of the universe shoved down peopl's throats; daring any competitors to refute it, then ridiculing them when they do. If there are a million answers to every question, as modernists say, then why are they only allowing people to respond with one answer? In that, they are actually possessing a Christian worldview, believe it or not. We believe that Christ is the only answer because we have seen His transforming power. We have felt His Spirit comforting and guiding us. He has repaired broken homes, set addicts free, given peace through troubles, healed our diseased and hurting bodies, showed up when the bills were due, stocked the empty cabinets when our children were starving, and most importantly, left His riches in glory to come to this earth and be unjustly murdered for the remission of all our sins, even every evolutionist's. What has Darwin done for them except give them false security under the leading of the devil himself? I genuinely pity evolutionists, and seeing the negative responses to your website has done nothing but encourage me to pray for them even harder. I guess they defeated their own purpose this time.

In encouragement,


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Published: 1 February 2006