Thomas Bailey


Thomas is a full-time speaker and event planner at CMI-Canada. He also co-hosts CMI's weekly TV talk show Creation Magazine Live!

Thomas has been a communicator most of his life and since becoming a Christian in his early teens, he has had a desire to use whatever gifts God has given him to preach the gospel. He first pursued a career in theatre as an actor, with an eye toward directing and playwriting. His intention was ultimately to use theatre as a means of evangelism.

After leaving professional theatre he sensed a call to preach and pastored a church.

While attending a CMI event, Thomas was impacted by the need for creation apologetics to uphold Biblical authority and advance the gospel. He began speaking on creation with CMI in 2014.

Thomas’ wife Gail works for CMI as well. They live in Exeter, ON and have two adult children and one grandson. Thomas has a BA in Drama, a B.Ed. and a Diploma in Ministry.

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