Thomas Bailey

Speaker, CMI-Canada

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Picture of Thomas Bailey


Thomas works full-time at CMI as a speaker and event planner. He is also one of the co-hosts of the weekly TV show Creation Magazine Live!

Thomas has been a communicator most of his life and since becoming a Christian in his early teens, he has had a desire to use whatever gifts God has given him to preach the gospel. He first pursued a career in theatre as an actor, with an eye toward directing and playwriting. His intention was ultimately to use theatre as a means of evangelism.

Years later, he left professional theatre and worked at a variety of other jobs. Sensing the call to preach, he pastored a local church for two years. While attending a CMI event, Thomas was impacted by the need for creation apologetics in order to uphold Biblical authority and advance the gospel. This led to him becoming a CMI speaker in 2014.

Thomas lives in Exeter, Ontario with his wife Gail. They have two married adult children and two grandchildren. Thomas has a B.Ed, a BA in Drama, and a Diploma in Ministry.


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