Time magazine gets it wrong again!

July 19, 2000

The global, newsweekly, Time magazine, has become such a humanistic, anti-Christian magazine that it affects its ability to objectively report on issues relating to Christianity.

For example, as we described last year, Time has repeatedly misrepresented what happened in the state of Kansas (USA) when the state school board voted in August 1999 to mildly de-emphasize evolution teaching in its public schools. Time has been incorrectly writing that evolution had been removed from the science standards (or guidelines). AiG-US has contacted Time magazine at least three times to correct its misreporting, but to our knowledge, it has never printed a retraction.

This time, on July 10, in a report on a biology instructor in Minnesota who wants to teach the scientific flaws in evolution, Time’s pattern of misrepresentation continues. Its article about teacher Rodney LeVake, who does not teach creation at his school but merely brings up the problems with evolution (which eventually led to a demotion), Time stated that “reputable scientists who agree with LeVake can be counted on one hand.” On the contrary: there are hundreds of creationists who are practicing scientists—holding post-graduate degrees in science—who teach and are actively involved in scientific research in America alone, and they are certainly reputable. Time is attempting to portray creation scientists as an insignificant—almost non-existent—minority, and that is patently incorrect.

Also, Time portrayed Mr. LeVake (in a full-page article) as an “aw-shucks” kind of Christian, and some readers might think that Time was mocking the way he spoke (Mr. LeVake was quoted to use the words “kinda” and “golly,” for example).

Supporters are asked to please pray for courageous instructors like Mr. LeVake who want to have the academic freedom to present his students with the problems in Darwinian evolution, including, as he told Time, “the amazing lack of transitional forms in the fossil record.” What could be more fair to his students?

Published: 15 February 2006