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Beliefs in the study of UFOs are changing for the better

by Joe Jordan

Gary and Joe at Roswell, New Mexico in 2009
Published: 22 October 2019 (GMT+10)

[Editorial note: we asked Joe Jordan, a UFOlogist who was featured prominently in our documentary Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception, to write this update to help our readers understand not only why the Alien/UFO phenomenon is relevant to creation/evolution, but also to show how this research is making a real difference in the lives of people who have experienced this often traumatic and distressing phenomenon]

  • UFOlogy: the study of unidentified flying objects and associated extraterrestrial phenomena.
  • UFOlogist: a person who studies unidentified flying objects.
  • Christian UFOlogist: a Christian who studies unidentified flying objects.

As a Christian UFOlogist, I have studied the phenomenon for over twenty-five years. I have worked together with CMI’s Gary Bates since 2004, when he was in the process of writing his Amazon best-selling book, Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection. I was also featured in his award-winning movie, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a deception.

Something was definitely happening

When I first began studying UFOlogy, I was pretty much an agnostic-humanist. While I initially thought that people were mixing science fiction with reality, I soon found that there was actually something tangible occurring when people see strange objects, or even worse, when they claim they have been abducted by aliens. As a humanist who believed in the big bang and evolution, I accepted the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life out there in the universe somewhere. That possibility of life ‘out there’ now ‘coming here’ was the logical explanation within my worldview at the time, other than everyone being mistaken or having psychological delusions for what was happening.

It wasn’t long in my research before I was introduced to a darker ‘spiritual’ side of UFOlogy. Practitioners of the new age and metaphysical realms mostly interpret the alleged UFO visitors as higher, more evolved spiritual beings, here to aid humanity’s own evolution in its advancement to enlightenment, and to usher the earth into a ‘New Age’. I was seduced into this new worldview, where I spent three years chasing the goal of special knowledge. At the time I believed it gave me a more discerning perspective from which to study the UFO phenomenon.

Then in the fall of 1996, I was introduced to Jesus Christ by someone who was helping me in my UFO studies. She was concerned for my safety because she recognized that there was something sinister associated within the UFO and alien abduction realm. She offered me a form of protection better than the crystals I carried in my pocket. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in November of 1996. I can honestly say I came to Jesus through finally understanding what was behind the UFO phenomenon.

‘Free indeed’ to see the truth

Joe is now based in South Korea and is the MUFON National Director for the whole country.

As a Christian, I continued my research into UFOs, particularly the more disturbing aspect of supposed alien abductions. I now had another perspective from which to view this strange phenomenon: a new worldview. I am probably the only researcher in this field of study who has had the opportunity to view the UFO phenomenon from three distinct, different, perspectives—as an agnostic, new-ager, and a Christian.

One important point is that we do believe something is happening when people claim to be abducted by aliens or to see something strange in the sky, but we do not think that they are actually boarding spaceships or that these experiences are happening physically. As such, we do not like to refer to people’s encounters as abductions. We prefer to call them ‘experiencers’, because they are not actually having encounters with alien beings.

Secular ET research agrees

When I began my early research, I was introduced to the leading secular UFO research organization in the world, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). It was founded in 1969, and now has over 4,000 members worldwide contributing to a collective effort to solve the UFO puzzle. I started out as a journal subscriber, became a Field Investigator, appointed then to a State Section Director position for Brevard County, Florida, home of the Kennedy Space Center. After moving to South Korea, I was appointed the MUFON National Director for South Korea and a MUFON International STAR Team Member—meaning that I hold the most senior ranking as an investigator. I am also the head of CE4 Research, our Christian-based research group for UFO studies.1 (CE4 stands for close encounters of the fourth kind—an official classification for alleged alien abductions).

Through our work at CE4 Research, we came across the unwanted piece of the UFO puzzle—unwanted because there is a significant group of UFO believers who wanted these experiences to be real aliens. We discovered that there was nothing benign about the alien abduction experience. People were traumatized and their lives were turned upside down. Then we discovered a handful of cases where people had halted, even terminated the experience from their lives, through the name and authority of Jesus Christ—the only way proven to work.

I have now worked with and counseled over 400 so-called ‘experiencers’ over the past twenty years. I have over 250 written and verbal testimonies from former experiencers that testify that the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and a personal relationship with Him, absolutely stops this experience.

Evolutionism cannot account for a spiritual realm

Joe, some years ago when working as a safety officer at NASA in one of the space shuttles.

Every year, there is an annual International MUFON Symposium, which I attend to attempt to share my updates with my peers in the UFO research realm. When both Gary and I first became involved, something known as the ‘Extraterrestrial Hypothesis’ (ETH) was the most popular view to explain sightings and experiences. This is the type of explanation that one might see in science fiction movies, such as technologically advanced alien races visiting us in their faster-than-light spaceships. But there has been a change in recent years. UFOs have now been seriously studied for over 70 years, including four official investigations by the US Government, and they still continue to spend tens of millions each year.2 Their own research has concluded that whatever is behind the phenomenon, it is not aliens visiting us in their warp-drive spaceships. These objects appear, disappear, and perform physics-defying manoeuvers that would crush any occupants. The most popular view today is something known as the Interdimensional Hypothesis (IDH) mainly because it actually fits the evidence of UFO sightings and abduction experience. This provides a great opportunity for us to share the truth.

At the annual MUFON conference I usually hand out resources (particularly Gary’s book and DVDs). Many in MUFON leadership have responded positively to hearing about people terminating this experience by invoking the name of Jesus Christ. I have had the opportunity to share the findings personally with the current and four past International Directors of MUFON. Many in MUFON have privately shared that they now believe it is spiritual and even demonic. For many years, the hallmark of this organization has been to promote the idea of alien visitations. In Gary’s movie you can even see a clip of Dr John Mack, a former professor of Harvard Medical School, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and one of the world’s top-three abduction investigators, state that these are spirit beings who have crossed over into our realm! I hope you can see how truly remarkable this is and how far we have come in a relatively short time.

More now than ever, our Christian findings are playing an important part in solving the UFO puzzle. Originally, it was believed that these visitors were extraterrestrial biological entities (ETH). But because the phenomenon is now thought of as more of an interdimensional entity, we can call it for what it truly is. This is what Gary Bates and I see as a spiritual experience by deceptive demonic entities. They are ‘piercing the veil’ that separates the spiritual realm from our realm. The Bible has been consistent in its explanation of demonic activity taken many different forms. It now just takes the form of a more acceptable modern guise.

It was my association though with Gary and CMI that challenged me to rethink my previous belief that God may have created life on other planets. Through this association, I was forced to completely shut the door on thinking this could be a physical, biological entity at all. I now take the Scripture in Ephesians 6 literally, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

The truth sets people free

There are only a few of us Christian UFO researchers in this realm of study. But, with God’s enabling, we are making a very significant impact on the whole field of UFOlogy, and also on the world’s largest organization that has been promoting the idea of alien visitations. This is now more important as ever as the US government seems to be heading towards the recognition of alien life visiting our earth.

Our goal is not only to offer a Hope to those whose lives have been turned upside down by this experience, but also to educate the church in the dangers of this phenomenon, so they too can help those falling for this delusion of the enemy that is fueling the growth of one the newest and fastest-growing false religions in the world. I hope you will continue to support this work and I thank CMI for working with me in this field.

For more information about this phenomenon, please see:

If you have experienced something like the experiences Joe Jordan described and would like to tell us your story, you can submit your message at this link.

References and notes

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Readers’ comments

Samuel C.
To Gary Bates and CMI:
I love the work you are doing! I've both read and watched your documentary "Alien Intrusion." It's excellent in presenting a Biblical perspective of the UFO phenomenon with very strong explanatory power. I would be very interested in your thoughts on the recent agreement between the US Navy and To The Stars Academy to examine what they claim to be recovered exotic materials. I read of this today in an online article (dated 24Oct2019) from Fox news.
Gary Bates
Thanks for the compliments. I tried to search this new item but I could not see where it claimed to be recovered exotic materials. Most reports said they the Army (not the Navy) has an arrangement with Star Academy to develop any new materials. In other words, the military gets first 'dibs' on anything they are working on. I've been doing this for a long time now and I have the feeling that we maybe getting close to a time where governments announce we are being visited by ETs (of course they simply mistake and attribute the strange paranormal things they are seeing to advanced technology). The creation of the Star Academy by ex acolytes in the govt. and the US govt's release of footage for the first time, seems to be ushering in a different era. Not sure if you've read Prepare the way, the aliens are coming but I showed how other countries seemed to be getting ready for this type of announcement.
Bruce B.
In about 1964 I was an air traffic control officer in the tower at RAAF Wiilliamtown, a few miles north of Newcastle in NSW. During a night flying session, our GCA (Ground Control Approach) radar operators picked up a return at a range of some 60nm. It was heading towards the base at very high speed, vastly greater than the top speed of which our Sabre F-86 aircraft were capable. We were in between sorties and none of our aircraft were airborne. As the blip got nearer we scrambled a Sabre (unarmed!) to investigate. It had barely got its wheels up and turned onto an intercept heading when the return stopped and then started off in the direction from which it had come. The Sabre didn't get anywhere near it! The radar operators extended their search to the maximum of 120 miles and watched as the return went off the screen at an incredible speed. In those pre-electronic calculator days, the radar boys did some rough calculations and reckoned it was exceeding at least Mach 3 and probably more. I should point out that the return was moving in from the SE which, because the base is on the coast, was always over the sea. I've never really accepted the UFO idea but have often wondered what this may have been.
Ruck A.
I am a MUFON Field Investigator in CT and have interested in the subject for most of my life. As a Christian and lover of the Bible and Jesus Christ, I still have a problem with completely non physical demonic beings. There is simply too much evidence from people in positions with a need to know that describe EBE’s. Many photographs of them exist. The most prominent are the greys then the Nordics Pleidians and Draco reptilians. Two good, two bad. The greys and reptilians are engaged in a genetic hybridization program with humans. These are not spirits!
Gary Bates
Ruck, if you are a Bible believer then that should be your filter for interpreting events. It is evident that you are placing the experiences of others over the Bible. Yes, I am fully aware of the alleged breeding program and all the other rich details involved in the abduction scenario, but where is the actual physical evidence? I am also fully aware of marks and scratches on the victims and the sense of reality of the experience, but all this can be accounted for. I have met hundreds of experiencers and based upon this developed an hypothesis that can account for these rich details. As an investigator I encourage you to be fully informed and particularly biblically informed. If the Bible does not allow for the type of ET life you are describing then there has to be another solution. Interestingly, as the article detailed, the majority of secular investigators have abandoned the idea that these are physical beings in the sense of the ET hypothesis (remember the mention of John Mack saying these are spirit beings). So it seems a little ironic that you, as a Christian, are more accepting of it than they are, yet, the Christian worldview has a ready explanation to account for the spiritual nature of these experiences. Spirit beings can be physical, leave physical traces and can affect our world and our reality. As a Bible reader you should be aware of this. so, I encourage you to grab a copy of the book Alien Intrusion. it covers all of these subjects and details the new hypothesis.
Some articles such as Christians shaped by experiences rather than the ‘Bible first’ approach: There is danger in accepting ‘the physical reality’ of UFOs.

And here is a position statement on whether God created life on other planets.
Pratha S.
This is nothing new -- just another deception by the adversary. It may have new deceptions{or at least presented in new ways to people}, but it's still the same old lies and deceptions with the same old goal -- to get people away from God.That's always been the adversary's purpose,and that purpose has never changed -- to get people away from God by any means that the adversary can. And this includes 'UFOs'. This is just another deception in a long line of centuries old deceptions. Let the person beware!
Guy L.
I never experienced any UFO phenomena whatsoever and never was really interested. But with some ''evolutionary'' thinking, I taught this may have been possible! It is only when I became a Christian, believing in the word of God (the bible) as the sole authority, that I came to realize that no UFO visits where possible. From a simple mathematical point of view, traveling even to the closest star would require us about 40 000 years a the maximum speed we can achieve even if this star is at only 4.2 light years away. But we know from science that it is impossible to reach such speed and we are far from it. Exceeding ''light speed'' travel is ''science-fiction'', not ''science''. Being and engineer, I could have calculated that long before I was saved, but astonishingly, we never ear about these obvious things. Now I see an even deeper reality... Thank you for this ''high level'' and good (the truth being freely share) information.
Wallace T.
I was supervising a crew casting a roof slab in Haiti. I looked across the valley and saw a shiny cylindrical object hovering erect at the foot of a group of antennas on the mt top. I asked my mostly unconverted men if the had ever seen one of those. They said yes and they wondered where they went to roost! I said "I'm going to get my camera", and it zipped west visible for miles until in about 3 seconds it was gone. In the city I told embassy people and they had a young military visitor ride a distance with me. I asked him what he thought I'd seen. He said probably a highly secret project. I felt it was demonic, as it had read my mind.
Douglas Barrett W.
I have a Christian friend, who has two Doctorates in Chemistry. He was not aware of Chinese lanterns (with a candle burning inside), and when he saw one approaching, he thought "UFO!" - until it crashed close to him.
Ian B.
Love, love, love your work CMI.

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