In memoriam: Professor Verna Wright M.D., F.R.C.P.

Born 31 December 1928; died 31 January 1998.

The international creationist community mourns the death of the esteemed Professor Verna Wright of England, who went to be with the Lord earlier this year.

Dr Wright earned many academic honors in his life, but the most significant moment occurred when he was to start his academic career in medicine. He was invited to a social event run by a Christian youth group, and after hearing the speaker, recognized (in his own words): "Whatever I had by way of sporting prowess, of academic achievement, and even of superficial respectability, the one thing I didn’t have was Jesus Christ living in my life. I quietly prayed, acknowledging my guilt, seeking the pardon that Christ had died to procure, and owning Him as the Risen Lord who would control my life."

From this flowed a life full of Christian service, not only with the ministry he co-founded (United Beach Missions), but also by serving as chairman and president of Young Life in the United Kingdom, and as president of the Creation Science Movement in that country.

Throughout his numerous lectures, Verna Wright often peppered his presentations with humor, but at the same time confidently demonstrated that Creation was good science. He also promoted the belief in a literal Genesis as a firm foundation for understanding man’s physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. He was a prolific writer as well, with over 1,000 publications to his name.

Nationally, he was well known for his work as the chairman of the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (his main study was in the understanding of the nature of human joints). In our acquaintance with this dear servant of God, our staff recall as a fond memory not just the immense Christian and professional achievements of Professor Wright, but his remarkable ability to communicate with the ordinary person, and with his professional colleagues, the truths of Scripture.

He leaves his wife, Esther; he had five sons and four daughters.

(We’re indebted to Dr Andy McIntosh of the University of Leeds, England, for his assistance in composing this tribute to Dr Wright.)

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Published: 17 February 2006