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Vietnamese emperor sees flying dragon

Image by Steve Cardno Thunderbird
An average-sized man compared to the gigantic Quetzalcoatlus

Every Vietnamese knows the story of the Emperor Ly Thai To who, when traveling from the ancient capital Hoa Lu to Bac Ninh, passed by the Red river city of Dai La and saw a giant creature, a dragon, fly up out of the Red River into the sky.

The emperor was so impressed by this sight that he decided to move the capital to this bend in the river and rename it Thang Long – today it is known as Ha Noi.

What was it that Ly Thai To saw? Was it just his imagination? Were there ever giant flying creatures in Vietnam that fit the description of dragons? Could it have been a kind of pterosaur (the name for flying reptiles) such as the Quetzalcoatlus shown right? With a wingspan of 15 m and weighing up to 100 kg, it was the size of a small jet fighter.

Anyone who saw one of these soaring out of the sea with a struggling fish would have been greatly impressed. American Indians claimed to have seen such animals and even drew pictures of them. Could it be that this animal didn’t become extinct tens of millions of years ago but actually lived until quite recent times? The Bible says that is the case. Read inside for more about these amazing facts and discover the true history of the world.