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Weathering the Storm (Positive)

31 January 2003

Thank you for your objective review of the book Unlocking the Mystery [sic] of Creation, particularily with the misinformation related to the health/diet sections of the book. I work on a national level combating health misinformation with a secular non-profit organization [identifying information deleted] … and I am routinely surprised how easy Christians are misled in this area. There is actually one specific area of nutrition which I routinely use to illustrate design. This area involves the 3 design mechanisms which allow for a wide variation of nutrient intake and still meet our needs. These mechanisms are:

  1. Storage of all nutrients from weeks to months.
  2. Increased absorption rates in time of need.
  3. Increased recycling rates or decreased excretion rates during times of increased need or reduced availabilty.

This area of nutrition science is consistant with special design and refutes the positions taken in this book [see also Living (and eating) like a caveman?].


Thank you for your article ‘Unleashing the Storm’. We had the first edition and would probably have bought the new one. So, I appreciate the warning. Even more than that I appreciate the loving and Christ-like manner that you presented your warning and the courage you showed in presenting it. Even if a storm does ensue, your speaking the truth in love can only, in the long run, strengthen the body of Christ and further His cause.


Thank you for weathering the storm. Your comments on Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation are well researched. It is commitment like this that makes me very glad to be a monthly supporter.


Thank you for reviewing Dennis’s new book. I appreciate your forthrightness in your evaluation. Your doing the right thing and please keep up the good work.


Thank you for your ‘tough love’ article on ‘Unleashing the Storm.’ This is a mark of the integrity that sustains [CMI]. I recognize that it is difficult and often unpopular to take such a stance with a fellow creationist but creationists must contend for the truth and protect our integrity. (Iron sharpens iron.) Darwinists have a track record of overlooking misinformation and wild speculations among their own but they get great mileage out of creationist bloopers. Intellectual surgery, like physical surgery, is painful but we are better for it in the end.

Dennis Peterson is a bright and welcomed light in the battle for truth about origins. Your stance will help him to be even better with his next book.


Dearest Friends,

I read your review of the book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, and must say I am once again in awe of your tenacity with respect to critical thinking. That was a compliment, by the way :-). What I mean is that I have spent many hours of my spare time over the years reading materials from many creationist sources, memorizing the best facts, filtering out the rubbish, and reguritating them to my believing and non-believing friends. Yet I continue even now to be humbled by how little I know, and how much speculation, unsubstantiated facts and stories, straw arguments, and so on that I have succumbed to and, sadly, repeated, over the years. Japanese plesiosaur, moon dust thickness, water canopy, peppered moth, human and dinosaur footprint, instant-star-age, and this list is just off the top of my head!

The irony is that I have always considered myself to be a critical thinker, one who isn’t easily swayed by mere talk, but truly desiring to find real, substantiated facts. Your website, your witness, and your dogged pursuit of the Truth rather than an agenda is not only refreshing, it has been a huge resource for learning, while demonstrating my own weaknesses and frailties. I am truly humbled by your own humility and your desires to seek God’s truth in our world, and am encouraged to do the same. …


Dear [CMI] staff.

I just finished reading ‘unleashing the Storm’ — the critique of Dennis Peterson’s new book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation.

First let me say ‘thank you’ for having the courage to do this although you know it will cause some hard feelings.

[personal information deleted] I bought a copy of his book and read it through cover to cover. My initial reaction was a little surprise in the simplicity of the book, but for the most part it was a rehash of much I had already read in the past. I thought the graphics were very stunning. I didn't dwell on it too much until a friend told me of your critique.

After reading your review I would tend to agree with you about 95%. I feel a heavy heart for Dennis knowing that he is going to have to deal with this ‘honest feedback’ and the effect this will most likely have on the sales of his book. Let’s hope this turns out for the positive.

I got saved in 1980 and because I’m an engineer, the issue of creation was a stumbling block for me. In 1981 I found out about ICR and have read almost every book on the creation shelves since.

What I really enjoy about your site, is that I’m constantly having to unlearn some of my earlier teachings from the creation ministries, but at the same time learning to refine and focus to a higher degree—sort of like the mid-course corrections used on satellites to get them to their destinations.

Keep up your good work, thank you for defending a literal 6 day creation, and thank you for the courage to write an honest, yet painful review of Dennis’s book. I think we will all benefit from this type of honesty and integrity. … [personal information deleted].

Thanks again,

Published: 16 March 2006