Web visitor from South Africa sees the need for Creation Evangelism

Published: May 25, 2000


Hi, I'm a sixteen year old christian from South Africa. I am very interested in the whole creation/evolution debate and follow it with great enthusiasm. I personally belive in the literal six day creation like you teach.

Since I don't read much children's books on things like dinosaurs, and science etc., I never could understand fully how evolution is actually forced upon kids as fact. Just this morning at school my biology teacher whipped out a kiddies' book about DNA and heredity (this is what we are busy learning at the moment, and as she reasons, kid's books normally explain things the best). She passed it around the class but I didn't get a chance to see it. After the lesson I noticed that she had left the book her desk when she left the class. I thought I would take a look at it and see to what extent is the "evolutionary indoctrination" I am always hearing about from creationists.

I paged through the book and couldn't seem to find anything that would appear suspect. It was simple stuff explaining the DNA structure and certain diseases related to genetics. When I was just about at the end and in my mind deducing that my inspection had proved fruitless, the last two pages had a massive heading that jumped out at me: "EVOLUTION"!

I proceeded to read it and was subsequently disgused by the unfounded and clearly untrue statements that were made. It seemed like these two pages had been added on as an afterthought just to force the author's belief system on the readers (who I'm sure are not at the age to really reason/question what is being been thrown at them as *fact*). Some of the statements that really confirmed this were along the lines of:

-Allthough most mutations seem bad, some mutations are actually good
-[This is an exact quote]: "Mutations create new species."
-All scientists believe that man has come about/evolved in this manner. A rather badly drawn picture of a series of monkeys becoming humans was at the bottom of the page. This picture made it quite clear what the meaning of the phrase "artist's impression" is!

I used to think that some of the books available from AIG for kids where a bit foolish and laughable (A is for Adam and other books about dinosaurs and Noah etc.). However, I have now taken back these thoughts, as I see that it is very neccessary for kids to be shown the truth when there are just so many evolutionary propagandist childrens books out there.

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing in bringing the truth to the world about our origins, and at the same time still keeping the message of Jesus Christ as your main focus.

God Bless,
J. G.
South Africa

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Published: 25 May 2000