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On behalf of the team at Creation Ministries International thank you for your first time visit to creation.com.

Creation or evolution? Design, or time and chance? It’s a foundational question that affects every human being. And that’s because what you believe about where we came from affects your ideas about the meaning of life how you live it and where you’re headed.

You see what you believe about where you came from also shapes your view on whether there’s an eternity or not. If we are the result of meaningless chance, then we simply return to nothing when we die. But if there is a Creator God, the Bible tells us that He has done something about the fact we will all eventually die.

But, can the Bible be trusted, in an age of ‘science’? We pose three big questions, and hope that you can see that the answers to questions two and three depend upon what you believe about the first one.

Creation.com represents over thirty years of research by many scientists and specialists and here you will find many articles and media presentations on this hot button topic, the creation versus evolution debate. Best of all it’s all free.

Many have questions like ‘What about dinosaurs and the Bible?’, ‘Could God have used evolution?’, ‘Is there life on other planets?’, and ‘Why would a loving God allow suffering and death?’ We’ve endeavoured to answer these, and hundreds more. So please enjoy creation.com.