Why Survive the Teen Years?


I have heard so many people talking about “surviving the teen years” that it doesn’t surprise me anymore when I hear that phrase. For most parents, the teen years tend to be turbulent, unpredictable, and daunting. However, for most homeschool parents, the teen years tend to be a delightful culmination of reaping where we have sown.

We trained them in respect when they were young, so are reaping blessed companionship now. We have sown discipline, so we are reaping self-control and maturity. We taught them how to learn and how to teach themselves and are reaping teens who can learn anything and excel. We have sown Scripture and a biblical worldview and are reaping young people who are more interested in truth than in cultural fads and foolish friends. We have trained them in work and service and are reaping the benefits of responsible young adults. We do more than “survive” or “endure” or “live to tell about it”. We are blessed to be among those who actually enjoy and are very proud of their teens.

We love to spend time with our teens. It is so rewarding to have an adult conversation with that one who used to coo at you from his crib; to see a young child bloom into a young adult; to go from being parents to being counselors and coaches; all while building on a strong foundation of sowing Truth into them day by day from the day they were born. We do more than “survive” the teen years, we look forward to them and enjoy them immensely while they are here.

I need to turn off the computer and spend some time with mine …

Enjoy your teens!

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