William M. Curtis III, Th.D., Th.M., M.S.


  • Doctor of Theology, Trinity Theological Seminary, 1988 [Special Revelation Major]
  • Master of Theology, Capital Bible Seminary, 1976 [Greek & Hebrew Major]
  • Master of Science, Southern Methodist Univ., 1963 [Aeronautics & Nuclear Physics]
  • Bachelor of Science, Univ. of Utah, 1954 [Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering]
  • Diploma, Belmont Senior High, Belmont, MA, 1948


  • 20+ Years in the Aerospace Industry
    • 9 Years in College positions, Administration & teaching Science, Math, Theology
    • 8 Years in Pastorate and adjunct college faculty
    • 12 Years in Scientific and Biblical Research and adjunct college faculty

  • 1954-1967 Aerodynamics Engineer to Sr. Aerodynamics Engineer with Convair/General Dynamics, Ft. Worth, TX
    • Performance  prediction and analysis of the B-58
    • Performance flight test planning and evaluation of: B-58, F-111, controlled bomb pod, crash investigations
    • Performance analysis and proposal preparation on: B-58B, C & D. Aerial Tanker, SSR, ROBO, Nuclear Aircraft, SS Overflight aircraft which Lockheed built as the SR-71.
    • Performance and flight dynamics on space flight and orbital vehichles ROBO and Dyna Soar
    • Planning of world speed record flights for B-58
    • Planning and evaluation of wind tunnel test - force models, pressure models, powered models and aeroelastic models.
    • Aerodynamic theory and estimation of lift, drag, and stability characteristics on: B-58, B-57F, CV990, SR-71, FX, VFAX, F-111, SSTs, HSTs, Variable sweep wing & laminar flow control ac.
    • Buffet prediction and design for wind tunnel and flight test
    • Prediction, design and testing of speed brakes, slats, and flaps on several aircraft.
    • Detail analysis of crash/flight investigations

  • 1967 - 1973  Chief of Aerodynamics to Director of Engineering with Fairchild Industries, MD
    • Performance prediction, aerodynamic configuration, and wind tunnel testing of twin jet FH-228
    • Aerodynamics oversight and support including crash investigation of FH-227 which was in production at the time
    • Responsible for the evaluation and definition of new generation air transport vehicles covering: conventional short haul aircraft, STOL, VSTOL, COD. Presenting such designs to  division and corporate management, airlines, FAA, NASA, & DOD. Design team on the A-10
    • Market research and airline planning, performance and route analysis with preparation and presentaion of brochures, flight handbooks et al.
    • Member of Corporate Engineering Advisory Council: covering commercial, and military aircraft and critique of other corporate projects of other divisions including space craft, small gas turbine engines, aero seats etc.
    • Member of AIA Committees advisors to the FAA on: STOL aircract, Airworthiness Requirements,Aircraft safety, Wet runway T.O. & Landing Req. and  aircraft noise requirements.
    • Member of AIAA Aircraft Design Commission
    • Since 1973 as an occasional consultant to Aircraft Industry, Congressional Committees/DOD,FAA, Airlines and NTSB on crash investigations and aircraft evaluations.

  • 1973-1976 Student at Capital Bible Seminary and part time faculty at Washington Bible College

  • 1976-1982 Professor and Chairman on Nat. Science Dept., Dir of Admissions and Registrar at Washington Bible College

  • 1982-1990 Pastor of Cumberland Bible Church and adjunct faculty for Washington Bible College, and Trinity Theological Seminary

  • 1990 to present: President of The Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research and adjunct faculty for Lancaster Bible College.


Science and Education

  • Board of directors Ft. Worth Regional Science Fair
  • Associate Fellow - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Who’s Who in Aviation, 1973, Harwood Pub.
  • Civil Air Patrol - Aerospace Ed. Officer & Chaplain 1985-2000
  • Founder of Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research
  • Creationists of the Twentieh Century, 2002


  • Scientific and Theological monographs too numerous to list in this resume.


  • Several aerodynamic features such as airfoils,wing and tail configurations, leading and trailing edge devices, inlets, bypass ducts etc and several whole aircraft configurations including a STOL transport which I was the lead designer of, all of which belong to Convair and Fairchild my employers.
  • An aerocar and a rotary engine which Fairchild gave up on and turned over to me but after much design work and even patent application on the engine we could not afford to build a prototype.

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Published: 11 February 2006